Department of Criminology, Anthropology, and Sociology

Poonam Bala

Poonam Bala (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh,UK)

Interests include: Medical Sociology, Social and medical history, women and medicine, colonial and post-colonial history, South Asian history, alternative medicine, community health, development studies.

Professor Poonam Bala (Ph.D. Sociology, University of Edinburgh, UK) held research fellowships at the University of London (UK), University College London (UK), and University of Edinburgh and University of Calcutta. She has taught in universities in India, Canada and the US, with recent Visiting Professorship at Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), and a Visiting Professorship and Fellowship in South Africa. Her research interests include medical sociology, social history of medicine, alternative medicine and colonial history and diaspora studies. Her select publications include Imperialism and Medicine in Bengal: A Socio-Historical Perspective; Medicine and Medical Policies in India, and Diaspora, Culture and Identity; Biomedicine as a Contested Site: Some Revelations in Imperial Contexts; Contesting Colonial Authority: Medicine and Indigenous Responses in 19th and 20th-Century India; Medicine and Colonialism and Contesting Colonial Authority (South Asian edition). She has been on the Editorial Board of Ancient Science of Life, and Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine, and has refereed for Social Studies of Science, Social History of Medicine, Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, Journal of Medical Humanities, and Social Studies of Science and Technology.