Advising Center

Our Mission, Goals and Services

Our Mission

The CLASS Advising Center provides comprehensive academic advising services and programs to undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Our mission is to help CLASS students develop a plan for academic success that is compatible with personal educational interests, career goals and professional development, as well as to prepare for life after graduation. Our services and programs will foster academic achievement, leadership development, strong faculty-student relationships, co-curricular engagement and decision making abilities.

Our Goals

  • To provide accurate information on general education requirements, policies and procedures
  • To help students clarify educational goals
  • To help students select appropriate courses
  • To provide major exploration information and opportunities
  • To help students move toward graduation by reviewing and evaluating university and college requirements
  • To help students understand and utilize campus resources and co-curricular programs
  • To help students develop a sense of responsibility regarding the advisor-advisee relationship, as well as the faculty-student relationship
  • To provide support and leadership regarding academic study skills and personal counseling support when needed
  • To encourage out of classroom experiences via internships and global learning experiences
  • To provide support for faculty advisors in CLASS programs
  • To provide assessment of advising services and programs

Our Services

  • Assistance with developing a plan of action to achieve academic success
  • Assistance with understanding college requirements
  • Assistance with understanding general education requirements
  • Guidance with course selection and registration
  • Provide assistance with the petition process
  • Review transcripts and transfer credit hours
  • Provide study skill intervention and academic monitoring services
  • Provide referrals to other CSU support services
  • Provide general advising for newly admitted students
  • Assistance with the graduation application process
  • Provide general guidance on various topics and specialized programming