Center for Faculty Excellence

Teaching Enhancement Award Winners

The Center for Faculty Excellence is excited to announce the most recent Teaching Enhancement Award winners.

The Teaching Enhancement Awards were established to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning at Cleveland State University. The Center invited faculty teams to submit their proposals aimed at revitalizing a lower division course. The awardees receive a stipend for the team and participate in over a yearlong project applying their proposed solutions.

TEAM Members Teaching Enhancement Award Year of award department
Eric Allard and Katherine Judge Course Revitalization Program for Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101) 2015-16 Department of Psychology
Sandra Chincholkar and Mohsen Manouchehri Pursue-thru-Two: MTH 187 & 116 in 1 Semester 2015-16 Department of Mathematics
Emily Rauschert and Ralph Gibson Revitalize BIO 202 course lectures through the incorporation of case studies 2016-17 Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences
Steven Gubkin, Daniel Munther and Shawn Ryan Utilize Microsoft OneNote with Tablets to facilitate communication in the MTH 181 course 2016-17 Department of Mathematics