Center for eLearning

March for Best Practices

The Center for eLearning is marching for best practices this spring! Join us at our March events to learn some of the best practices used daily by Faculty and the eLearning team to provide quality online education at CSU. You can register for any of our events listed below!

March for Best Practices Events!

Please use the links below to see details for our March for Best Practices events. You may participate in as many events as you like, but please note that the IYOC and FOTD will max out at 12 and 25 participants, respectively. Please keep in mind that registration for the IYOC and FOTD will be first come, first serve!

Event Date

Faculty Online Teaching and Design Course (Accelerated Online)

Sunday, March 10th - Sunday, March 17th (Online)

Roundtable Faculty Discussion

Thursday, March 28th, 11:30am - 12:30pm, Mather Mansion Room 113
Improving Your Online Course

Friday, March 29th, 9:00am - 3:00pm, Rhodes Tower 414

(SESSION FULL) March 10th - March 17th: Faculty Online Teaching and Design Course (FOTD)

This facilitated online course provides an orientation to teaching online at Cleveland State and focuses on best practices for designing an online course. Participants will gain hands-on experiences in organizing a course and developing a learning module. This is a one-week accelerated offering. Prior participants have said this was also a great opportunity to have an experience as an online student!

You can find further details on this course on the FOTD webpage.

March 28th: Roundtable Faculty Discussion

Join your colleagues for roundtable discussions on topics relevant to online learning. This discussion will take place in Mather Mansion 113.

Roundtable Topics Include:

  • Journey to QM Certification - Hear From CSU Colleagues (Sheila Patterson, Manny Crawley and Sarah Rutland)
  • Open Education Resources - Unlocking the Tools for Student Success (Kathy Curnow, Emilie Zickel and Melanie Gagich)
  • Blackboard Ally - Accessible Content is Better Content (Jeff Dell, Caryn Lanzo)
  • Blackboard Collaborate - Authentic Role Playing, Engaged Learners (For Role Play) (George Tsagaris and Sam Diomede)
  • Preparing for Lecture Capture (Jacob Bowman)
  • Strengthening Academic Integrity in Online Courses – CSU Faculty Experiences (Laura Rickett, Marnie Rodriguez and Cyleste Collins)
  • Voicethread for Engaging Learners (Judy Ausherman, Cliff Maslovsky)

Lunch will be provided for those who register by Friday, March 22nd.

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(SESSION FULL) March 29th: Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)

This workshop, sponsored by the Center for eLearning, explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online courses and develop a course improvement plan.

The content is based on the essential Specific Review Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric. Participants come away with a plan for course improvement so enrolling in the workshop with a pre-developed online course is required. 

You can find further detail on this course on the IYOC webpage.