Center for eLearning

Known Issues

With any Blackboard upgrade, there will invariably be issues. Below is a list of issues (and solution status) that we are aware of in our Blackboard environment. 

  • Cannot Manually Move Links on Left Navigation - WORKAROUND: Use the keyboard reordering arrows in the top right of the left-hand navigation or zoom in browser to 125%.

Keyboard Accessible Reordering

  • Students are unable to hide courses - WORKING AS DESIGNED. Per Blackboard, "You can view your courses in a timeline. Easily navigate to past, present, and future courses".
  • Course copy "Browse" button in Firefox on a Mac does not always show. If you are trying to course copy using Firefox on a Mac, the browse button will not immediately show to allow you to select the Destination Course ID - WORKAROUND: USE ANOTHER BROWSER

Firefox on Mac missing browse

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra logo is that of a module instead of the expected video camera. - NO KNOWN FIX
Collaborate Ultra with Module Logo Collaborate Ultra with Camera Logo
  • Deselecting all of the notifications from Activity Stream will still generate a daily email. - NO KNOWN FIX


Activity Stream Notifications

  • Editing tools in a content area drops them to the bottom of the list. - NO KNOWN FIX.

Editing Tools Reorders Them