Teacher Education

CSUteach Internships

CSUteach Internships

CSUteach offers paid internships with local schools and nonprofit organizations that are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to teach in Math, Science, or other STEM areas. Students may choose from a variety of positions such as tutoring, educational programming, working directly with children and families. Internships are mutually beneficial for the students and our local community.


  • Internship opportunities are available for a limited number of CSUteach students based upon funding
  • Interns must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or above and have no current Incomplete grades
  • Internship hours are up to 20 hours a week (time worked does not include travel time)
  • Interns must be registered for 6 hours or more including a CSUteach course and have successfully completed EUT 201 (Step 1)
  • Internship positions are currently $12 per hour

Application Process

  • Students should contact Courtney Nudell to discuss the Internship Program and complete an Application
  • Students will need to apply for the CSUteach Education Internship Position on Career Line
  • Interns will be notified of their site location and will complete the Student Employer Interview with their supervisors
  • Additional interviews may be required by internship sites
  • Interns are responsible for submitting their hours each pay period
  • Please review the CSUteach Internship Guidelines for additional information.