Submitting Artifact for Grading - Copy Artifact to Working Portfolio


Submitting Artifact for Grading

1. Upload Artifact into My Files Storage under the correct standard
2. Select browse and find your file
3. Enter notes, which are for your reference only
4. Name the artifact
5. Click upload file

Copy Artifact to Working Portfolio

1. Go into My Files Storage and find artifact
2. Click on copy to portfolio under actions
3. Choose the Working Portfolio in the dropdown menu

Complete Reflection Sheet in Working Portfolio

1. Go into Working Portfolio menu
2. Find your artifact
3. Click on reflection sheet under actions
4. Type your reflection sheet in Microsoft word, then save it and copy and paste it into the Reflection Sheet box
5. If you are submitting the artifact for grading, then choose required
6. If not, then choose optional Click submit reflection sheet

Submit Artifact for Grading to Instructor ("L" means submitted)

1. After submitting the reflection sheet, click on submit for grading (you will only see this for required artifacts)
2. Choose the correct instructor from the current semester drop down menu
3. Make sure your artifact and reflection sheet are accurate
4. Click submit for grading

If everything is successful, your artifact will be locked

For more details, view the submitting artifact for grading quicksheet