Required Artifacts: - Choice Artifacts:

Types of artifacts

Required Artifacts:

For selected courses, there are common artifacts that will be submitted directly to your instructor and assessed by your instructor using a common rubric for that assignment. These artifacts must be submitted and graded in TaskStream. Each required artifact will be designated as “meets” or “does not meet” requirements. If you have a required artifact that “does not meet” requirements, you will not be eligible to proceed to the next phase of your program.

Choice Artifacts:

When your portfolio is ready to be checked to move to the next phase of your program (checkpoint assessment), you will choose two additional artifacts to submit and write a reflection explaining how these two artifacts demonstrate your competence in the CSU Outcomes. These artifacts will be assessed by an assigned faculty checkpoint assessor.

No Submission Requirements:

In some phases of your program, there will be assessments that are imported directly into your DRF. These might include performance assessments from field experiences, GPA calculations, or Praxis test scores.

Summative Checkpoint Self-Analysis:

The final step before your portfolio is ready for checkpoint assessment is for you to review your assessments compared to the CSU outcomes to determine areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. You will use this analysis to determine strategies for professional development during the next phase of your program.