Office of Field Services (OFS)


Rotation II Fall 2017 Survey:


As a student and a member of the Office of Field Services family, we will work together to create the best experience possible for you.  We are committed to the teaching profession and work hard to ensure your success.  Please feel free to come to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have. 

We have put together an OFS Handbook that will answer many questions about your fieldwork here at CSU.  Please refer to it often. 

In addition, please refer to this list of Professional Dispositions.  This is guidance on what is expected in a classroom setting.

Some notes for you as you get ready for your experience:

You will need to apply online for each field experience you complete. Please visit our online application to complete this process. The online application is available during the following times:

  •      For a FALL Practicum, Internship, Apprentice Teaching, or Student Teaching experience:
  •                        December 1st through February 15th
  •      For a SPRING Practicum, Internship, Apprentice Teaching, or Student Teaching experience: 
  •                        August 1st through September 30th
  •      For an approved summer* experience:  
  •                         December 1st through February 15th
  •      *Please note that a summer experience is not guaranteed and requires appropriate approvals

Please take this experience seriously.  You could be offered your dream job!

Stress is not necessary!  We will help with your process and your semester!  Enjoy the experience.