Office of Field Services (OFS)

Forms / Handbook

2019-2020 Forms 

Below are the most up-to-date forms used by our supervisors, mentors, and students. 

Attendance Forms: These forms are used by student interns to keep track of their attendance in the field. Mentor teachers should sign them on a weekly basis. 

PDF iconBoundaries 2019.pdf: This information is to be reviewed by the student every semester. 

Intercession Forms: These form are used by the supervisor to document a concern meeting with an intern that is not meeting minimum standards or may show evidence of dispositional issues

Handbook: The handbook is your guide to the semester.  There are sections for students, supervisors, and mentors. 

FileInfo Session Powerpoint 2019.pptx

Lesson Plans and Lesson Plan Checklists: These forms are used to plan and outline your lesson.  These are to be used for all lessons taught by the intern. 

PDF iconMentor Payment Data Form - Fall 2019.pdfThis forms ensures that we have the most up to date information from our mentors and provides the necessary information for correct payment/funding. 

FileFall 2019 Mileage Template.xlsxThis form is used by supervisors to track mileage to and from school locations.  All mileage forms must be submitted with maps (Google Maps/MapQuest/etc.) to support the data.  

PDF iconOFS Incident report Fall 2019.pdf

Observation Forms

Semester At A Glance: Guide for observations, lessons, and assignments througout the semester.  

Syllabi: The syllabus outlines the class requirements for each course number.  Please refer to your syllabus for your own class requirements. 

Video Taping Consent Forms: The consent form should be distributed to each parent by the student intern.  This form allows the student to video tape in the classroom for academic use only.  Each student appearing in the videos needs to have a signed consent form on file.