College Advising Office (ESSC)

College Advising Office (ESSC) - Program Requirements

undergraduate programs - create • b.s. ed. degree and teacher licensure 
 Early Childhood ( PreK-3) • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Language Arts and Science • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Language Arts and Social Studies • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Mathematics and Language Arts • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Mathematics and Science • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Mathematics and Social Studies • CREATE
 Middle Childhood Science and Social Studies • CREATE
 Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist • CREATE
 Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist • CREATE
Physical Education and Health Education CREATE
undergraduate programs - b.s. ed. Allied Sport Profession
Exercise Science
Sport Management
UndergraDuate programs • csuteach 
Integrated Language Arts (BA English)
Integrated Social Studies
Integrated Mathematics & Physics (BS in Mathematics-Minor in Physics)
Integrated Mathematics (BA/BS in Mathematics)
Integrated Mathematics & Physics (BA Physics-Minor in Mathematics)
Integrated Science (BS in Biology)
Integrated Science (BS in Chemistry)
Integrated Science (BA in Physics)
Integrated Science (BS in Environmental Science)
Foreign Language Education-French
Foreign Language Education-Spanish
undergraduate certificates, Endorsements, and Licensure in Music Education 
Certificate in Autism
Certificate in TESOL
Middle Childhood Endorsement
TESOL Endorsement
Music Education 
Post-Baccalaureate Programs • teaching Licensure Only
Early Childhood 
Middle Childhood 
Integrated Language Arts • CSUteach
Integrated Social Studies • CSUteach
Integrated Science (Chemistry) • CSUteach
Integrated Science (Earth Science) • CSUteach
Integrated Science (Physics) • CSUteach
Integrated Mathematics • CSUteach
Foreign Language Education - French
Foreign Language Education - Spanish
Music Education 
Physical Education and Health Education 
Health Education 
Physical Education 
Post-Baccalaureate certificates and endorsements
Middle Childhood Endorsement
Certificate in Autism
Certificate in TESOL
TESOL Endorsement
Graduate Programs •  M.Ed. Degrees, licenses, Endorsements & certificates
Graduate Programs •  M.Ed. DegreE

Adult Learning & Development

Community Health Promotion
Educational Research
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Advanced and Applied Teaching Elementary and Secondary Education
Exercise Science
Literacy Development-Adult Literacy
Health Professions Education
Graduate Programs •  M.Ed. Degrees & licenses
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Educational Administration
Foreign Language Education (Chinese)
School Counseling
Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program • Pre-K Licensure in Spanish
Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
Early Childhood
Graduate Programs •  M.Ed. Degrees & licensure endorsements
Educational Technology
Gifted & Talented Learners
Graduate Programs •  Administrative Licensure
Inspired Leaders
Graduate Programs •  certificates
Autism Spectrum Disorder  
Chemical Dependency Counseling  
Early Childhood Mental Health Counseling  
Online Teaching   
Board Certified Behavior Analyst  
Ph. D. Programs
Counseling Psychology
Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education
Learning and Development
Nursing Education
Policy Studies
School Administration
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language