Doctoral Studies

Spotlight on Graduates

Dr. Shondale DeLoach, Ph.D

Dr. DeLoach completed his doctoral degree in counseling psychology in August, 2012 immediately after completing his APA accredited pre-doctoral internship at the Counseling Center at Michigan State University.
He works as a staff psychologist at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Prior to his entry into the doctoral program Dr. DeLoach earned a Masters degree in clinical psychology at Cleveland State and a Bachelors in psychology and religious studies so he qualifies as a triple Viking, earning all of his degrees at CSU.
His doctoral dissertation, completed under the direction of Dr. Donna Schultheiss, was entitled, “Same Race Regulatory Resource Depletion: Obstacles of Black High Achievers”.
He tested the hypothesis that there is a temporary depletion of mental resources after high achieving Black students interact with Black low achieving students, causing temporary executive function depletion. His doctoral practica were completed at the Case Western University Counseling Center and the Cleveland State University Counseling Center. He also spent several years prior to doctoral study working as a psychology technician at the Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Cleveland. We are proud to count Shondale as one of our graduates.
The attached photo shows Shondale with his poster presentation at APA in San Diego in 2010.
Tira Stebbins, Ph.D.

Dr. Tira Stebbins finished her doctoral degree in counseling psychology in August, 2012 after completing an APA accredited internship at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare, part of the Ohio Psychology Internship consortium and successfully defending her dissertation, entitled, “Effects of an Equine Assisted Activities Program on Youth with Emotional Disturbance: A Pilot Study”.
Dr. Justin Perry served as her dissertation director. She is currently a psychologist at Bellefaire JCB.
Tira completed the program in 5 years after earning her Master’s degree in clinical psychology at East Carolina University and working as a therapist at Bellfaire JCB, in Cleveland.
Tira deserves accolades not only for finishing her degree in a timely fashion (despite giving birth to her first child in the middle of the program), but also for conducting the first empirical study of equine assisted therapy with children with special needs as her dissertation.