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The mission of the Center for Urban Education at Cleveland State University is to promote academic success, wellness, and equity in P-20 urban education in Northeast Ohio and beyond through research, evaluation, and technical assistance. Center announcements can be found below, and additional information about the Center can be found on the left sidebar menu. 

Center Colloquium on Urban Education, Tuesday, February 20th

The Center for Urban Education at CSU will host its next research colloquium on Tuesday, February 20 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Room 225 of the Center for Innovation in Medical Professions on CSU campus. The presentation and discussion is entitled “Reporting on Report Cards: Political Decisions and Their Potential Impact on the Public.” The presenter will be Dr. Jeffrey W. Snyder, Assistant Professor of Urban Affairs at CSU. Dr. Snyder earned his Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Michigan State University. His work focuses on urban educational policy, governance, and politics. He specifically studies the ways in which non-district actors (e.g., mayors and philanthropies) shape and respond to education reforms and factors that may influence links among schools and outside service providers. Dr. Snyder will discuss recent research on school report cards, as well as future directions for research and possible implications for public stakeholders. Please RSVP by clicking hereLight refreshments will be served. 

The Center colloquium series is intended to foster conversation about research in urban education and showcase the work of CSU faculty and students. CSU faculty, staff, students, and community members outside of CSU are encouraged to attend. Please contact Steven Sanders at s.m.sanders with questions. 

Center Staff Publish Study of Youth Participatory Action Research

Adam Voight, the Director of the Center for Urban Education, along with Valerie Velez of Hemet (CA) Unified School District, published a study in the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness entitled "Youth Participatory Action Research in the High School Curriculum: Education Outcomes for Student Participants in a District-Wide Initiative." Using data from approximately 6,000 students in a Southwestern U.S. city, the study found that students who participated in a year-long elective course in which they identified, researched, and took action on social issues of importance to them had better attendance rates and reading achievement test scores than similar peers. The study, which used a quasi-experimental design called propensity-score matching to ensure fair comparisons between students who participated in the program and the comparison group, found no effect of the program on discipline referrals. The full study can be found here

Center Awarded Research Grant from U.S. Department of Education

The Center for Urban Education, as part of a research partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and the American Institutes for Research, was awarded a $400,000 grant from the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education for a two-year study of school climate and student achievement, attendance, and behavior in CMSD schools. The grant will also support partnership-building activities between the participating organizations with the goal of increasing CMSD's capacity to use research. The study, entitled the "Cleveland Alliance for School Climate Research" will combine data from student surveys, interviews with students, and district adminstrative data to understand the relationship between school climate and student education outcomes and to explore subgroup disparities in students' experiences of school climate. Dr. Adam Voight, Director of the Center for Urban Education, is the principal investigator. The project began on July 1, 2017. The IES press release for this funding intiative can be found here