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The mission of the Center for Urban Education at Cleveland State University is to promote academic success, wellness, and equity in P-20 urban education in Northeast Ohio and beyond through research, evaluation, and technical assistance. The Center is a founding member of the Cleveland Alliance for Education Research (CAER), a research-practice partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the American Insititutes for Research supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences. Center announcements can be found below, and additional information about the Center can be found on the left sidebar menu. 

John Easton Visits the Cleveland Alliance for Education Research

The Cleveland Alliance for Education Research (CAER) was featured in a story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in association with a visit to Cleveland from Dr. John Easton, Senior Fellow and past Executive Director of the UChicago Consortium on School Research (CCSR). The CCSR is the original education research-practice partnerships on which other partnerships like CAER are modeled. Dr. Easton spoke about his experience with CCSR and the important role partnership research in school and district improvement in a forum at the City Club of Cleveland on April 25 and was introduced by Center Director and CAER Executive Committee member, Adam Voight. The Plain Dealer article features comments from Drs. Easton and Voight.

Center Collaboration with Cleveland Schools Spotlighted by U.S. Department of Education

A video of the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences features the work of the Center and the Cleveland Alliance for Education Research and highlights how administrators in Cleveland Metropolitan School District are using resources from the What Works Clearinghouse, or WWC, to support school principals and help them make informed decisions about programming. The WWC provides educators, administrators, parents, and policymakers the information they need to answer the question, “What Works in Education? Laura Fogarty, Research Policy Fellow in the Center, led the development of the report card system described in the video. 

Center Staff Publish Study of School Climate

Center staff, led by Steven Sanders and including Laura Fogarty, Regina Giraldo-García, and Adam Voight, published a study in the journal School Psychology International entitled "Does a Rising Climate Lift all Boats? Differential Associations of Perceived Climate and Achievement for Students with Disabilities and Limited English Proficiency." Using data from approximately 26,000 students in an urban district, the study found that students who perceive their schools to be safer and more supportive peform better on tests of math and reading. This corroborated previous research on school climate and achievement. A novel finding was that the association between climate and achievement is stronger for students with disabilities at all levels of schooling compared to students without disabilities. This suggests that a positive school climate may mitigate well-documented achievement gaps based on disability. A similar moderating effect was detected for English language learners but only for reading achievement at the high school level. The full study can be found here

Center Releases Report on Greater Cleveland K-12 School Performance

The Center for Urban Education released a report of the performance of Greater Cleveland Public and Charter Schools, in Context, 2017-18. Based on a methodology used in a prior Center report on the progress of the Cleveland Plan that was featured in the 2017 State of the Schools address by Eric Gordon, superintendent of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, this new report adjusts schools' Performance Index scores based on student and school demographics.