STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine)

Currently, in 2014 there are over $9.5 million active dollars in grants. The College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) has long enjoyed collaborative relationships with the College of Science and Health Professions (COSHP) and the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD).
In 2002 the Cleveland Municipal School District and CSU entered into the Cleveland Mathematics and Science Partnership, a long-term grant funded by the National Science Foundation through CMSD. This strengthened the relationship between CSU's CEHS and COSHP and CMSD and led to the Summer STEM Academy.
Following the redesign of STEM middle school teacher preparation, the CSU STEMM team expanded to include the Fenn College of Engineering and secured funds from the US Department of Education (Improving Teacher Quality) and the National Science Foundation (Noyce Scholarship Programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels) to redesign adolescent/young adult licensure programs in mathematics and science. Currently, these redesign efforts are influencing the redesign of all teacher licensure programs in the College of Education and Human Services.
CSU has enjoyed three Garret A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Program grants with Shaker Heights City Schools, Cleveland Heights University Heights, and CMSD. These one-year grant funded programs were collaborations across CSU's colleges of education, engineering, and business.
In addition to preparing teachers and providing professional development for teachers, CSU is home to the MC2STEM High School. This effort is a collaboration funded by the Key Bank Foundation and executed by Dr. Julian Earls and Drs. Goodell and Jackson (CEHS) and Duffy (Engineering).
The STEMM efforts at CSU have grown to include two National Science Foundation grants focused on mathematics courses, integrating STEMM in the courses, and transforming undergraduate STEMM education. CSU was also recently the recipient of a third National Science Foundation grant to teach teachers to teach Advanced Placement Computer Science. This grant is a collaboration between five school districts from across the state, San Diego State University, and CSU's colleges of education and engineering.
CSU also hosts the Northeast Ohio Hub for the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) funded through the Battelle Foundation, which provides an avenue for collaboration across the state of Ohio. CSU also partners to continue to provide professional development for teachers and support for opening K-12 STEM schools through the Center for Innovation in STEM Education (CISE), which is a collaborative effort between CSU, MC2STEM High School, and the Great Lakes Science Center.