Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Master of Education in Health Professions Education (MEHPE)

Interested in an Advanced Degree in Health Professions Education?

Are you a healthcare professional with teaching responsibilities? Do you want to further refine your teaching skills and strengths?

If so, learn more about a new Master of Education in Health Professions Education degree, a collaboration between Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Clinic. This master’s degree program — the only one like it in the region — is designed to help you enhance your skills in:

• Adult learning
• Curriculum design and instruction
• Learner assessment
• Program evaluation
• Educational scholarship

Program Highlights:

• Two-year cohort begins fall 2019
• Blend of online and in-person classes held on the Cleveland Clinic main campus
• Six-semester, 30-credit hour program
• Class size limited to 20

Student/Alumni MEHPE Testimonials

Hear how healthcare professionals who are engaged in teaching have benefited from earning an MEd in Health Professions Education

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“I don’t approach teaching opportunities in the same way. The program provided the inspiration to think out of the box and try new things. The cohort experience provided a wonderful opportunity to collaboratively work with people from various healthcare backgrounds.  We were each able to bring our own unique experiences and perspectives to the group, thereby enriching the learning environment.” 
— Richard Prayson, MD, MEd

“The MEHPE program created an amazing opportunity that was convenient for me as a full-time hospitalist. The faculty members are extremely invested and are doing an amazing job tailoring the curriculum toward the needs of the cohort members. I can easily say that the MEHPE program has not just reshaped my views of medical education, but it has also affected my teaching practices to a great degree…and I am not done with the program yet!”  — Ali Mehdi, MD

“As a lifelong learner, I am always investigating ways to improve what I do and how I do things. The MEHPE program fulfilled that need. I learned so much from the faculty, and they were always supportive, engaged and accessible.  In addition to the faculty, I learned so much from my classmates.  Each person provided their perspective and experiences and the discussions and presentations were always so interesting, interactive and informative.”  — Heidi Gdovin, MEd