Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Comments From Your Colleagues

Very informative and well organized, this was comprehensive and I feel I am leaving with many resources.

It was hands-on and held my interest. Perfect balance of informative and experiential.

Very enjoyable seminar. Great presentation style. I found the information very interesting and greatly enjoyed all the examples given. First time at this facility - I enjoyed location, parking and facility overall.

Different approach to the topic of supervision which was refreshing and novel!

I am absolutely thrilled with this experience. The planning and teaching were superb. 

Presentation was interactive and educational and kept my attention

- April R. Vince, Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Best ethics course, interactive, engaging and creative. Wonderful way to review ethics. Would recommend this to everyone. 

Thorough, excellent synthesis of most research - very applicable.

Appreciated the narratives interwoven, giving voice to the targeted population. Excellent use of personal experience, self-reflection and media and literature.

It was an innovative and didactic presentation that flew by in terms of time.