Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Adult Learning and Development Master's Program


Program Overview

Ranked among the top 5 Masters programs in Adult Education according to, the Adult Learning and Development program at CSU prepares present and future adult educators with the theories, competencies, and knowledge that will help them plan, teach, and administer programs for a diverse population of adult learners in a variety of settings. The MEd program is committed to providing adult educators with a cognizance of the issues and challenges confronting adult educators in diverse learning environments. Theories, philosophies, history, and practices concerning adult learning and development, teaching adult learners, and program planning and administration are emphasized through a variety of courses throughout the program. Students also gain practical experience through participation in internships.


Career Opportunities

  • Students will be able to meet the needs of employers in a variety of settings.
  • Graduates are working in healthcare, higher education, human resources, training and development, and in non-profit organizations and student services.
  • Occupations graduates commonly obtain are directors, managers, trainers, professors, student advisors, coaches, and consultants.


Admission Requirements

  • Application to the College of Graduate Studies for admission to the Master of Education program in one of the specialization areas. An area of specialization must be noted on the admission application form.
  • Submission of one official transcript from each college and/or university where existing degrees were completed. Transcripts must be official transcripts in a sealed envelope
  • Click here to view minimum GPA and Standardized test requirements and waiver procedures.


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Degree Completion Requirements

Educational Research and Technology  
EDB 601 - Educational Research 3 credits
Social Foundations  
ALD 607 - Adult Education in a Changing Society 3 credits
Psychological Foundations  
ALD 605 - Adult Learning & Development
Theories and Practice
3 credits
ALD 663 - Planning & Implementing Programs for Adult Learners 3 credits
ALD 645/745 - Organizational Learning and Change 3 credits
ALD 688 - ALD Portfolio Capstone 3 credits
Electives Select 11-12 credits
Culminating Experience (Select one option)  
Comprehensive Examination 1 credit
ALD 689 Portfolio Development (also counts as an elective) 3 credits
Project 1-3 credits
Thesis 1-3 credits
Summary of Credits  
College Core  
Total Credits 30 credits
Specialization Tracks

Students may choose elective graduate courses in any of the specialization tracks listed below to focus on a particular area of Adult Learning and Development, or they may choose other elective graduate courses with the help of their advisor to address their own personal or professional career goals.