Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

About the Program

About the Program

Healthcare continues to grow in size and importance in our economy, and so does the demand for well-trained and effective health and medical professionals who can teach. The MEHPE program can help you achieve the expertise you need in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of education.

The Master of Education in Health Professions Education degree (MEHPE) program prepares health professionals for excellence in their various educational roles in the health professions.  Cleveland State University and Cleveland Clinic faculty collaborate together to deliver a cutting-edge curriculum, which blends online learning with in-person classes.

This MEHPE program is designed for health professionals who have current roles and responsibilities in health professions education so they can apply what they learn to their ongoing professional activities and bring real-world experience to the educational setting.​ Physicians, nurses and other medical and health professions clinical educators and education leaders can take advantage of this organized, rigorous and comprehensive approach to developing the knowledge, skills and credentials essential for success in educating others.

The MEHPE is two-year cohort-based program, with admission to this program open every two years.

The cohort model is a group of students who progress through the MEHPE program together (i.e., starting/ending at the same time; following a pre-determined schedule of courses).  The benefits to the cohort model are that it provides opportunities for cohort members to learn with and from each other while building professional networks and connections.