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We take very seriously our partnership with the 49 high schools we serve across six counties in Northeast Ohio.  In order to assist school counselors as they work with our shared students in the CCP at CSU program, we provide the following resources and information.

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1.  Please remember that the CSU academic calendar may not line up with your high school's schedule.  If you need student documentation or other materials at a specific time (such as in Spring to plan for graduation), please let us know in writing at  You can always send in a PDF copy of your school calendar to facilitate this process and help us plan our workflow.

2.  If your students need to obtain official CSU transcripts, they can do so here.  You will be sent one gratis copy of every student's official transcript at the end of every semester.  These can be used for all purposes--grade point calculation, credit verification, etc.  However, when students need official transcripts for their college applications they must procure them on their own using the included link.

3.  Please be advised the CSU is bound by the Family Education and Records Privacy Act (FERPA).  As such, CSU cannot release information to anyone other than the student without a release on file.  Please support our compliance with FERPA by reiterating its import and impact to CCP parents.

4.  If you have students who are attending local community colleges for CCP but who are interested in attending CSU for their undergraduate experience, we strongly recommend you use our Transfer Guides to assist them in ensuring that the courses they take now will count in their degree maps in the future.

5.  If you have students with differing learning needs who wish to participate in our CCP program, it is important to remember that CSU is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) institution, not an Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) institution.  As such, the ways in which students with differing learning needs are serviced at CSU may be different from their experiences in their K-12 school environment.  If you have students on IEPs or 504 Plans in their K-12 school experience, please the Office of Disability Services in order to ensure that each student has his/her accomodations in place while with us at the University.  Their email is

6.  Student SSID numbers (not Social Security numbers, district ID numbers, or any other identifier) are the means by which student funding is tracked, reported and disbursed.  Typically, we have found that the majority of districts put SSIDs on their transcripts.  However, some do not.  If your district does not report SSID numbers on student transcripts, please ensure that you have provided it to CSU on your students' application.  If a student's SSID is not provided, that student may incur a tuition bill from CSU.  Our current tuition rate is $401.50 per credit hour.  Refer to the Ohio Department of Education FAQs for more info.

7.  Cleveland State University has a preferred name policy.  This means that we have structures in place for any person at the University (student, staff, faculty) can choose to go by a name that is different from the one that may appear on his or her legal documentation.  This is common for students, staff and faculty who come from international populations or for students, staff and faculty who may identify as transgender, gender-nonconforming or any other identity expression.  If you have a CCP student who is in need of information about this policy, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 216.687.2223 or


For admitted CCP students at Cleveland State, math and English placement offers additional data about what level of courses is best for any given student at any given time in his or her academic life.  Placement testing cannot be substituted for an acceptable SAT or ACT entrance score.  Please consult following chart to determine if your students should take either our math or English placement test (or both).  If you are unsure, please feel free to call 216.687.2402.  More information about these placement tests are available from Testing Services.

Scenario Should the student take a placement test? Rationale
I want to take Precalculus II (MTH 168) or Calculus I (MTH 181) at Cleveland State. Yes. The math department requires that all students who wish to place into MTH 168 or MTH 181 take the placement test.
I was admitted to the program before I finished the Algebra I--Geometry--Algebra II sequence at HS and now I want to take math at CSU. Yes. Even if you don't want to take a course in the precalculus sequence, it would be better for you to have fresh data on file so that you are placed into the math course that is in line with your math development--challenging but not frustrating.
I was admitted to the program with a borderline math score on the ACT or SAT.  I scored into precalculus I, but I think it might be too high level. Yes. The goal of taking mathematics at the college level is to encourage healthy growth in math skills, not develop bad habits or anxiety.  If you think that your initial placement based on ACT or SAT was a reach, take the placement test to give us fresh data.
I need a fourth year math course but do not want to take precalculus.  I have taken Algebra I--Geometry--Algebra II and placed into MTH 167 on my ACT or SAT. Probably not.

MTH 147, Statistical Concepts with Apps, is great fourth-year math course, especially for students who believe that business, psychology, nursing, education or any other data-driven profession is in his or her future.  You can take this class directly after Algebra II as long as you place into nonremediated math at CSU.

From the course catalog:  "A first course in statistics that emphasizes statistical methodology as applied in the biological, social, and behavioral sciences, education, and business; topics include descriptive statistics, elementary probability, elementary sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation."

I know I am going to be some type of business major. I do not want to take precalculus. I placed into MTH 167 from my ACT or SAT score.  I need a fourth year math course. Probably not.

Your preferred math course would be MTH 148, Math For Business Majors I.

From the course catalog: "The topics for this course include equations of lines, graphs of functions, word problems, polynomial models, and mathematical applications. The course shows how to use exponential and logarithmic functions to study mathematical finance applications such as simple interest, discount, compound interest, present and future values, annuities, and amortization. The course also covers systems of linear equations, and matrices."

I want to take General Chemistry I (CHM 261). Yes.

General Chemistry I presumes Calculus I competency.  

From the catalog:  "Prerequisites: (1) Math ACT score of a least 26, or Math SAT score of at least 610, or achieving a suitable score on the Math placement exam, or a C grade or better in MTH 168 or 180, or eligible for enrollment in MTH 181; or (2) achieving a suitable score on the General Chemistry placement exam, or completion of CHM 161 with a grade of C or better, or completion of CHM 251 with a grade of C or better. Stoichiometry, atomic theory, states of matter, electronic structure, oxidation-reduction, and thermodynamics."

I believe I tested poorly on the English ACT/SAT and can "test out of" ENG 101. Yes. You can take the English Placement test to see if you "test out of" ENG 101 and into ENG 102.
I am an English Language Learner. Maybe. If you tested into English 100 or English 101, you are in "college English" and do not need to take the English placement test.  However, if you did not place into at least English 100, you will want to take the test because you will be unable to take any English or Writing Across the Curriculum course at CSU without a passing score.
I want to "test out of" ENG 101 and ENG 102. Yes, but this is not likely to be successful. It is extremely rare for students to test out of ENG 102 at CSU.  You are certainly welcome to take the test, but the threshold to pass out of both ENG 101 and 102 very high.
I took the ENG 101/102 or the precalculus equivalent at a community college (or via a CCP course at my high school). No. As long as you provide an official college transcript for the course and you met the prerequisite grade (C or higher) you can move into the next course in the sequence at CSU without having to take our placement test.  However, if you feel you are unsure about your skills, especially in math, you are encouraged to consider taking the placement test in order to have best fresh data available.
Non-Discrimination statement

Cleveland State University is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment and education. No person at the university will be denied opportunity for employment or education or be subject to discrimination in any project, program, or activity because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, disabled veteran, Vietnam era veteran or other protected veteran status.

sample pathways with level i courses included are available in the below document!

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