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**ATTN: We are CLOSED on WEDNESDAY, July 17, as staff will be attending the Team NEO Launch Event off-site.
We are CLOSED on FRIDAY, July 19, as we will be hosting Physical Therapy Day in our office.
We will be OPEN for business as usual, 8 am to 5 pm on Tuesday, July 16 and Thursday, July 18.
We will resume our regular 8 am to 5 pm office hours on Monday, July 22.**

You’ve taken dozens of selfies, but do you know yourself?

The staff of Career Services is passionate about empowering you as you develop and recognize your strengths and the unique talent you bring to the workplace. We'll work with you to prepare you for the world of work--and we'll help you understand the power of your own story and how to leverage your networks.

It goes like this: wherever you are in your professional development, come in and see us.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm
There will be no Walk-In Wednesdays over the summer
Walk-In Wednesdays will resume August 26, 2019

Call us at (216) 687-2233 or email any time to make an appointment.

Our Alumni Hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm
The first appointment is a 15-minute phone call and requires a resume and reason for appointment to be submitted ahead of time 

216 687 2233

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Take it from your fellow students...
Visit Career Services!

"I am so glad that I was referred to Career Services... Without your help, I would not have come across the career that I am interested in now. I am so relieved to have found a profession that aligns with my interests, skills, and values. Thank you for not only helping me to decide on a college major/future career, but also for giving me advice related to job interviews, shadowing, and networking. I will definitely continue to use Career Services as a resource in the future! I am fortunate to attend a school with advisors who are well-equipped and genuinely eager to help me succeed."
- Mary M.

"I regret not utilizing Career Services sooner. I figured since my career path is not common and interview questions are very specific to exotic animal husbandry and behavior that it would not be helpful. However, not only did I feel much more prepared after my mock interview, my answers were very polished and it improved the way I sounded in my real interview. In addition, my mock interviewer gave me tips and tricks that I would never have known that I feel benefited me in my interview process. I encourage other students to give it a try - it can only help!"
- Megan D.