Career Services


As a faculty member or advisor, you play a critical role in students’ development by not only educating them in the classroom but also guiding the decisions they make about course offerings and career opportunities. Here are additional ways to assist students:

Encourage Students to use Hire A Vike

This software hosts internships, co-ops, student employment and permanent positions. It is important for students to activate their account, update their profile and upload a resume in order to stay up-to-date on relevant career events and opportunities.

Support their Internship Search

Students should begin preparing their internship search materials to impress potential employers a semester ahead of time. When meeting with students, let them know that career specialists are available to assist them with all aspects of this process. Have them contact us: or 216-687-2233.


Don’t Cancel That Class!

Things come up…..We get that! Rather than cancel a class, call or email us (preferably 24 hours in advance) and request a presentation on any of the topics listed below. We are happy to spread our knowledge on a wide variety of career related topics.
Request a presentation here 

Integrate Career Services into Your Curriculum

Let Career Services support you in helping your students learn about the relationships between majors and careers. We can provide presentations on the following topics:

  • Career Planning Process
  • General Job/ Internship Search Including  major specific resources
  • Resume And Cover letters
  • Networking and the Informational Interview
  • Online Networking utilizing LinkedIn
  • Internship Etiquette
  • The Art Interviewing
  • Intro to Career Services – conducted by Career Peers
Career Services Liaisons for the Respective Colleges
Career Services Staff Liaison

Amy Goldman
Associate Director

Graduate Studies,College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and Alumni Relations

Karen Lieske
Assistant Director

Business and Education

Lynn Leon
Career Specialist

Business, Engineering, Nursing and Law

Elaine Suarez 
Career Specialist

Urban Affairs and College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Kyle Znamenak
Career Research and Data Specialist

College of Science & Health Professions