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Directions for Posting on Hire A Vike


Hire A Vike is our online job board (powered by Handshake) which hosts postings for internships, co-ops, student employment and permanent positions. 

See our criteria for posting here.

  1. REGISTER: Fill out the Registration form and "Sign Up." You will be asked to enter your recruiting interests and alma mater, and agree to the Employer Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. VERIFY: Handshake will send you a verification email to the email you provide. Verify your account by clicking “Confirm Email” upon receiving it.
  3. CONNECT WITH YOUR COMPANY: After confirming your email, if your company already exists, you will be prompted to connect with your organization. You can also use a search bar to find your company, or click the “Create New Company” button.
  4. CONNECT WITH CSU: Use the search bar to find "Cleveland State University" and click the “+” to connect with us!
  5. CONFIRMATION: Your connection will be reviewed by CSU Career Services staff. Once reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that you are now connected with Cleveland State University.

​​​​​​​Instructions for Posting a Job on Hire A Vike

Now that you are connected with CSU on Hire A Vike, you can post your job!

  1. POST A JOB: Log in to Handshake and click “Post a Job” on your home dashboard. You will be asked to provide information with regard to Job Basics, Job Details and Job Preferences. 
  2. SCHOOL SELECTION: On the left side of the screen, you will be able to add schools. Click the “+” next to "Cleveland State University" to add CSU!
  3. CREATE: Choose “Create” on the bottom navigation to create and review your job. After entering your job details, you can preview your job posting as students will see it.
  4. CONFIRMATION: Your job posting will be reviewed by CSU Career Services staff within 24 hours. Once reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that the position will be posted and available to CSU students and alumni.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have about Hire A Vike at