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Career Services Team

JJessica Colombiessica Colombi 

Executive Director

  • B.A. Art History, John Carroll University
  • M.A. Psychology, with a certification in Diversity Management, Cleveland State University
  • Gestalt Professionally Certified Coach Jessica believes she’s lived a past life in 15th century Florence, Italy. Her favorite vegetable is an artichoke.



Amy Goldman

Amy Goldman

Associate Director 
Liaison: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Alumni Affairs and Center for International Services & Programs

  • B.A. Psychology, Ursuline College
  • M.A. Adult Education, Cleveland State
  • Amy drives a “Volcano Orange” stick shift Mini Cooper and collects American Country antiques. Preferably those with mouse holes.


Karen LieskeKaren Lieske

Assistant Director
Liaison: Business and Education

  • B.A. Political Science, University of Cincinnati
  • M.P.A. Public Administration, University of Cincinnati
  • Certificate, Education, social studies, grades 7-12
  • Karen has two gym memberships, loves the high-intensity circuit “F45” class, and taught math, science, and social studies at a male prison.

Hyacinthe Raven

Hyacinthe Raven
Student Employment Program Manager

  • B.A. Linguistics, Cleveland State University
  • B.A. Anthropology, Cleveland State University
  • B.A. Philosophy, Cleveland State University
  • M.A. Philosophy, Cleveland State University
  • In her spare time, Hyacinthe writes awful Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction and fusses over her 23-year-old cat Stella.


Lynn Leon

Lynn Leon

Career Specialist 
Liaison: Business, Engineering, Nursing and Law

  • B.A. Communications, The Ohio State University
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Global Career Development Facilitator, National Career Development Association
  • Lynn’s first language is French, she’s a 3-star thespian, and she loves 1980’s music.


Elaine Suarez

Elaine Suarez 

Career Specialist 
Liaison: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and Urban Affairs

  • B.A. Psychology, Baldwin Wallace College
  • M.P.A. Master of Public Administration
  • Elaine often says she “was born on an island and ended up in Cleveland”. She loves to watch 1990’s cartoons with her son, and they have adventured to five other states … and he’s not even 3 years old yet!


Kyle Znamenak

Kyle Znamenak

Career Research and Data Specialist 
Liaison: College of Science & Health Professions

  • B.A. Psychology, Baldwin Wallace University
  • M.A. Psychology, certification in Diversity Management
  • Ph.D. Adult Education, expected graduation 2019
  • Kyle has acted in about a dozen films, including portraying the son of The Joker. And, he has a dog named Marty McFly.


Brianne KistlerBrianne Kistler

Strategic Communications & Events

  • B.A. Strategic Communication, minor in Rhetoric/Writing, Miami University
  • When Brianne isn't creating Spotify playlists for any and every occasion, she can be found petting dogs, quoting "The Office" and attempting to cook.




Craig WalkerCraig Walker

Budget Analyst

  • B.S. Aerospace Studies, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • M.B.A., Cleveland State University
  • Craig is married and looks after his two young children when not working. He grew up in South Africa and loves windsurfing.



Student Career Peers

sarah FalcySarah F.

B.S. Exercise Science, Eastern Washington University

Pursuing M.S. Occupational Therapy, expected graduation December 2019

- Sarah is from California and loves her family but seems to move farther and farther away from them. She also enjoys hiking, playing video games, and playing with any dog she sees.




SreeSree Kavya R.

B.E. Computer Science, VTU, Bengaluru, India

M.S. in Software Engineering, expected graduation December 2019

- Sree thinks she has a natural talent for cooking, but her mother is not so sure. She dreams to go on a cross country road trip in 2019.




AviAvital F.

B.S. Pre-Occupational Therapy, Ohio University

Pursuing M.A. Occupational Therapy, expected graduation May 2020

- Avi likes being outdoors. She likes paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking. She loves to read mystery novels. She also has a cat named Wiley who acts like a dog.




BenBenjamin B.

B.B.A in Business Management, expected graduation May 2020

- Ben loves researching history and can usually be found somewhere outdoors.





RachelRachel S.

B.B.A. Business Economics, expected graduation May 2020

- Rachel is an avid video game player and loves Middle Eastern food





DemiDemetria H.

B.A. Black Studies and History, expected graduation May 2019

- Curious about science, nature and the universe. Hopes to create films or documentaries accentuating and celebrating different cultures and demographics across the world.




AnnaAnna O.

B.A. in Graphic Design and Journalism, Minoring in Marketing, expected graduation May 2019

- Anna loves creating, designing, and building things. She hopes to own a food truck or tiny home someday and travel across the country.