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On-Campus Internship Program

Take your on-campus student employment job to the next level!


Students, do you want to be more competitive for future job prospects?  Are you not sure how your current campus job relates to your career goals?  Would you like more opportunity for growth in your campus job?  

Supervisors, would you like to help your student workers get the most out of their jobs with you?  Do you have projects you've long wished to have tackled that you just lacked the time to start/finish?  Would you like a higher calibre student employee? 

Then the On-Campus Internship Program may be for you!  On-campus internships give students the opportunity to capitalize on what they are learning in the classroom and apply it in an actual work setting, building and enhancing the kind of skills that are sought by employers---with the convenience of working at a student employment job on campus.   


Check out the links below for details of the program and how to participate:



Student Information



Supervisor Information



CSC 291

CSC 292

CSC 391

CSC 392



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