Urban Studies

what is urban studies?
The Urban Studies major entails the study of America's cities, metropolitan areas, and their people. Students learn about the cultural, political, and historical aspects of urban living and the influence of these factors on the growth and decline of businesses and neighborhoods. Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes a foundation in urban geography, urban economic and political systems, and social issues.

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Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies Guide

AAS in Geospatial Technology to Urban Studies (Environmental Policy & Management Track) - completed at CSU

AAS in Geospatial Technology to Urban Studies (Urban & Regional Planning Track) - completed at CSU

CSU Advisor: Dr. Mary Myers

Academic advising appointments are available for admitted CSU Partnership students. Call (440) 525-7471 or email: to schedule an advising appointment at the CSU Partnership Office. 

Urban Partnership Grads

Additional Urban Studies Information:

AAPLE (Assessment & Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience)

College of Urban Affairs Website

Scholarships: College of Urban Affairs

*Typically students must be registered full-time (at least 12 credit hours) through Cleveland State University classes in order to be elgible for CSU scholarships.