what is psychology?
Psychology is a field of study that covers a broad spectrum of topics that have real-world applications. As one of the university's most popular majors for undergraduate students, Psychology serves as an excellent foundation for careers in health care, business, sales & marketing, social service, and education. Of course, the study of Psychology at the graduate level also serves as a gateway to and preparation for careers in research or applied Psychology.

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Psychology Partnership Guide

CSU Advisor: Barb Szigeti

Academic advising appointments are available for admitted CSU Psychology partnership students. Barb is working remotely to provide Virtual Advising through Zoom or by phone. Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center to make an appointment with Barb: (216) 687-9321.

Prospective students who are not yet admitted should contact the CSU Transfer Center at (216) 687-5568 or email:

Additional Psychology Information:

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College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

*Typically students must be registered full-time (at least 12 credit hours) through Cleveland State University classes in order to be eligible for CSU scholarships.