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Important Links For Student Organizations

VikesConnectBelow is a list of forms, information, and documents which are commonly used by student organizations. Please email us at with any questions.

food related forms

Below are forms used in ordering food to be served on campus during a student organization event/meeting/gathering/etc.

eVENT cOSTS & Related information

Holding events on campus takes careful planning. Make sure you understand that your organization may incur additional university charges depending on the nature of your event. Links below relate to potential charges:

  • Conference Services Calendar - Make sure to check room availability here before reserving your space.
  • Event Classifications - This will tell you how far in advance Conference Services needs to know about your event.
  • Room Set Up Fees - If you need a room set up a certain way, your organization may be charged a fee.
  • Equipment Fees - If you need additional equipment or use the current equipment in a room. 
  • Police Charges - CSU police may assign an officer to your event, particularly Class 1 events. Security charge for ONE officer is $55 per hour, with a minimum charge of four (4) hours for $220. It is up to the discretion of the University Police Department to determine the number of officers assigned to your event.
  • Housekeeping Charges - Events after 2:00 PM or weekends be aware that CSU Facilities department may charge your organization a $33 per hour clean-up fee if needed.
  • Facilities Change/Cancellation Form - If your organization needs to change date/time/location or cancel your event, you must submit this form to Conference Services first before editing an approved event in VikesConnect.
Event Contracts

Depending on the type of service rendered, organizations will use these forms which require a signed agreement between the university and vendor. Contracts should be signed by vendor at least 3 weeks in advance of the performance. A check cannot be given to the performer immediately following the event. The vendor will submit an invoice to the organization for payment. Contact budget officer at for questions.

  • CSU Special Event Agreement - If a student organization is hiring any type of "non-performance" service such as a photographer, photo booth, games, caricature/henna artist, inflatables, etc). A completed and signed copy of this form must be submitted to the budget officer in an expenditure request.
  • CSU Performance Agreement - Used for a student organization who is hiring any type of "performance" service such as a DJ, music band, speaker, instructor, etc. A completed and signed CSU Performance Agreement is needed. 
  • Off-Campus Agreement - Link to CSU General Counsel office regarding contracting at CSU. If an organization is planning to hold an event off campus where an agreement or contract is provided by a vendor, their contract for must by submitted to CSU General Council to review. An example might be renting a space for an event, golf outing, or any other type of event where the provider has their own agreement/contract. Contact the budget officer at for assistance.
Promotional/Clothing items
  • Approved university vendors list - Organizations must use one of the three listed vendors by contacting one to receive a quote for items wanted.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If the approved vendors do not offer a product/price you need, and you have another vendor you would like to use, you must supply written documentation from all 3 approved vendors stating they do not have the items you need OR are more expensive than the vendor you want to use (you can use a quote for price as proof items are more expensive). 
Student Organization Travel
  • Travel Request Form - For organizations wishing to send members on a trip to a conference, convention, competition, presentation, etc. Requests must be submitted NO LATER than 45 days prior to departure.
  • Emergency Contact Form - All members who are traveling must have their information on this form. Advisor must sign completed form before submitting a travel request form. 
other Student Organization Finance Forms
  • Request for Sales Tax Exemption - For use when needing to purchase items at a store. CSU does not reimburse for state of Ohio sales tax, therefore student organizations needing to purchase items and be reimbursed must have a sales exemption form for each store. Take completed form to store's customer service so sales tax is not charge.
  • Printing/Duplicating Quote Request - Use when organization wishes to use university duplicating department for flyers, posters, hot cards, etc.
Other Student Organization Forms
Marketing & Promotions
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