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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Certificates and Bootcamps:

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

8 Week Session: 
June 29th - October 5th, 2019

16 Week Session: 
February 20th - June 4th, 2020

Digital Marketing Certificate  Self-paced


Content Code November 1st, 2019
Content Marketing Strategies April 8th, 2020
Digital Marketing Strategies November 6th - 13th, 2019
Marketing in the Age of Voice Assistants March 18th, 2020
Measuring and Visually Reporting Digital Marketing ROI March 12th - 13th, 2020
Online Business Listing Management October 9th, 2019
Search Engine Opimization (SEO) November 27th, 2019
Social Media Marketing October 23rd, 2019
Understanding Google Analytics March 4th, 2020
Using Google Ads February 5th, 2020
Writing and Editing for the Web May 5th, 2020