Points of Pride

Matthew Lisak

Matthew LisakTwo-year internship leads to permanent position at Parker Hannifin

Matthew Lisak is a Spring 2015 graduate of Cleveland State University. He graduated with his Bachelors of Business Administration in Management. If the stars align and he is still within the Cleveland area, he expects to return to CSU for his MBA within the next five years.

Matthew’s first internship was with Parker Hannifin Corporation in May of 2013. He interned in the Corporate Human Resource department the internship was just over two years. Most internships are a semester, or a summer in length. At the end of his internship, Matthew accepted a full-time rotational position with Parker Hannifin Corporation.

In the rotational position, Matthew will spend four month increments in various locations around Michigan. Since July, he has worked in Kalamazoo for the Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Division and in Otego for the Hydraulic Pump Division. In July, he plans to be supporting another facility, the Pneumatics Division, in Richland.

Matthew credits both personal and professional relationships for his academic success. Personally, his mother has been his biggest influence. “She’s the reason I have worked as hard as I have and why I continue to do so. [She] taught me not to sweat the little things…and just do my best in whatever it is I do,” he said.

Professionally, Matthew dedicates his success to Anne Nelson, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies. He says she has provided him with “academic and work-related guidance” and has “assisted [him] in seeking out internships” that he might not have otherwise.

Matthew also believes his success has come from the people and organizations at Cleveland State. “The best resources at Cleveland State are your professors. Any business professor I had was a subject matter expert who was able and willing to help you succeed,” he added.

Being far away from his hometown of Willowick, Ohio, Matthew says he has had practice cooking for himself. “Living in a different state than my family and friends and being limited to a certain amount of work hours a week has allowed me to spend a lot of time cooking and whipping up some awesome food,” he said.

Matthew says that he would encourage others to attend the Monte Ahuja College of Business. "The College has so much to offer in terms of job placement and career preparation,” he said.

He also recommends that students get involved in academic organizations such as the Freshman Sophomore Business Association. “The professionals that were brought in to speak to our group were inspirational and drove me to start doing the right things early in my academic career,” Matthew added.

Photos and story by Sierra Swigert, Cleveland State University student