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Please note that not all internships posted on the College website are pre-approved for academic credit. Students seeking to earn academic credit for an internship must:

  • follow the College of Business process,
  • meet certain requirements and
  • complete the internship application.

To learn more about earning academic credit for your internship, please visit the web page located here.

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General Business:

The American Red Cross is seeking 1-2 summer interns who could help with stewardship and research for no more than 10 hours per week. The interns could work remotely and our leadership would gladly write a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of this term for future education or career applications. Applications are due July 1st.To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to:  Michelle Polinko at (Posted 6/21/19)

Information Systems:

International Business:






Allied Global Marketing is seeking a Field Intern, a Social Media Intern and an Account Coordinator. Learn more about both internship opportunities in the PDF files located below:


An Alumna working as the Program Manager of Reimbursement Services for Health Mart Atlas subsidiary of McKesson Pharmaceutical Solutions & Services is seeking to fill a Product Manager position in the organization's Reimbursement Services Department. To apply, please visit the website here. (Posted 6/21/19)


Paramount is seeking a College Ambassador. Learn more about the position in the PDF file located here. (Posted 6/21/19)


Operations & Supply Chain Management:




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