Internships, Co-ops and Careers

Information for College of Business Students

As a Monte Ahuja College of Business student, you have the advantage of both College and University support in finding an internship or co-op experience to supplement your education.

Monte Ahuja College of Business Support Includes:

  • On-site Recruitment and Networking Events (view past events here)
  • Working with College of Business faculty and staff, led by the College's Director of Student Success and Engagement, Dr. Oya Tukel to obtain a business internship for academic credit (learn more here)
  • Advising for academic programs that relate to internships and co-ops (contact the advising offices here)
  • Our updated list of internship, co-op and career opportunities that employers send to the College of Business:
  • Our email eNewsletter AGENDA, sent to your Vikes email highlights updates for internship, co-op and career opportunities
  • Attending the Business Internship and Co-op Expo

In addition to College Support, be sure to take advantage of the following University resources:

Additional resources, not managed by the College or University include: