Curriculum Guide

Level I Basic Proficiency:

MBA Course Requirement for Waiver of Course
GAD 500 Business English Overall GPA of 3.0 or greater
GAD 502 Intermediate Business English Overall GPA of 3.0 or greater
OSM 500 Mathematical Models for Business Overall GPA of 3.0 or greater

Level II Basic Skill Proficiency:

ACT 501 Financial Accounting Grade in undergraduate courses ACT 221 & 222 was a "C" or better.
ECN 503 Economic Concepts Grade in undergraduate courses ECN 201 & 202 was a "C" or better.
FIN 501 Financial Management Grade in undergraduate course FIN 351 was a "B" or better.
GAD 515 Communications for Managers Grade in undergraduate course GAD 250 was a "C" or better.
MBA 500 Environment of Business Grade in undergraduate courses BUS 351 & BLW 411 was a "C" or better.
MKT 501 Marketing Management Grade in undergraduate course MKT 301 was a "C" or better.
MGT 501 Management & Organizational Behavior Grade in undergraduate course MGT 321 was a "C" or better.
OSM 503 Statistical Methods for Business Decisions Grade in undergraduate courses OSM 201 & OSM 202 was a "C" or better.
OSM 511 Operations Management Grade in undergraduate course OSM 311 was a "C" or better.
If you satisfy all of the above requirements, that leaves you with only 11 Courses to Complete your MBA.

Level III Upper Level MBA Courses:

Group A: Functional Core
MBA Courses
ACT 600 Managerial Accounting
FIN 601 Financial Policies
MKT 601 Marketing Strategy
MGT 601 Managing Human Resources
Group B: Integrative Core
MBA Courses
MBA 600 Team Dynamics
MBA 602 International Business
MBA 603 Management of Innovation and Technology
MBA 660 Integrative Business Strategy
Group C: Electives

Nine (9) elective credits, or three (3) additional courses are required to complete your MBA. This coursework could comprise:

  • Specializations in a number of business disciplines. A specialization is obtained by taking a minimum of three (3) elective courses with two 600 level courses.
  • Obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, Advanced Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship or Organizational Change. Certificates typically require at least four (4) courses. Learn more about the Graduate Certificates we offer here.

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