Welcome to the Monte Ahuja College of Business

Visiting Committee

The Monte Ahuja College of Business is guided in part by a Visiting Committee. Comprised of regional and national business leaders who represent key industries and economic sectors. These professionals serve as advisors and ambassadors for the College and support positive change initiatives to strengthen the College’s agenda for relevance, excellence, vitality and success within the University and the broader community.

The Committee’s Vision is to:

  • Establish the Monte Ahuja College of Business as a leader in program innovation and applied or engaged learning
  • Make the Monte Ahuja College of Business a driver of regional economic development for today and tomorrow
  • Become the College of choice for:
    • International Business
    • Information Systems and Technology Management
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
    • Sustainable Economic Development
    • Health Care Administration programs

The distinguished Visiting Committee members include:

Andrew J. Balazs, Jr. - BBA 1980 & MBA 1990, Vice President, Information Services and Business Processes, Consolidation Solutions Peter Buca - BBA 1988, Vice President Innovation and Technology, Parker Hannifin Corporation
Terry Fergus - BBA 1982, Principal, FSM Capital Dave Fornari - 1976 BBA and 1980 MBA, Partner - Retired, Deloitte and Touche, Executive in Residence
Teresa Hack - President & COO of Channel Products, Inc. Renee Holcomb Hardwick - MBA, Senior Vice President, KeyBank
Linda Kane - BBA 1979, Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting and Administrative Officer, Forest City Enterprises, Inc. Randy Kelly - BBA 1979, retired partner at PwC
Stephen F. Kirk - BBA 1979, MBA & Honorary DBA 2007, Former Senior Vice President and COO of Lubrizol Corporation Ted Laufik - BBA 1977 & MBA 1986, CFO and Chief Compliance Officer, Cyprium Partners
Joe Levanduski - BBA 1984, CFO/Treasurer, A. Schulman, Inc. Jeff Pecon - IE 1980, Senior Applications Manager, Oracle
Steve Pilotti - BBA 1980, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Eaton Lisa Rose - BBA 1988, President, Dix & Eaton
Keith Valore - BBA 1999 & MBA 2005, Vice President, Finance Global Integration, Sherwin-Williams