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University Budget Task Force

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Task Force Recommendations

In August, 2010, President Berkman commissioned the University Budget Task Force to develop recommendations concerning methods for strategically allocating resources among all operating units and managing the University's budget in anticipation of reductions in state funding for Ohio's public universities and colleges beginning in fiscal year 2012. The Task Force is also charged with recommending strategies that will maintain the University's strong financial position and preserve its mission in light of the state's budget challenges.

The state is estimating its two-year budget deficit for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 at $8-10 billion and budget reductions are likely to include the State Share of Instruction (SSI), the principal state appropriation for funding higher education in the state. While no official statements have been made by the state concerning the level of reductions to the SSI, the Task Force is developing forecasts that include reductions to the University's SSI allocation.

President Berkman has directed the Task Force to conduct an open process for obtaining input from the faculty, staff and students on the budget issues facing the University. On Dec. 16, Provost Geoffrey Mearns hosted a public forum for the entire University community seeking feedback and suggestions (watch the Open Forum event). Throughout the process, gathering this input will continue to be an essential component of the Task Force's efforts.

There are several ways in which the University community can convey feedback to the Task Force:

  1. Email. The address is
  2. Contacting individual members of the Task Force.
  3. To provide anonymous feedback, click here.

The Task Force is appreciative of your contributions and is available to answer your questions and concerns.