The Big Switch

Student Success Initiatives

At Cleveland State University, student success is our top priority.

We’re dedicated to helping students excel in their studies, graduate on time and move on to fulfilling careers. To this end, CSU has launched a series of innovative initiatives aimed at streamlining the path to graduation. We invite you to learn more about our student-success strategies below and take advantage of these new resources.


More Options and Greater Flexibility for Students

CSU is the first state university in Ohio to offer multi-term registration, which allows students to plan their entire academic year in advance. Secure your schedule for fall, spring and summer terms at the same time, or register for any of the open terms you choose. As an added convenience, students can register now and pay later – tuition for future terms is not due any earlier.

CSU’s course waitlist makes it possible for students to add their names to an online waiting list for a full course. If a seat opens up in the course, students promptly receive an email notifying them of the opportunity to enroll. Openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis –the sooner a student signs up on the waitlist, the better his or her chances of getting into the course if space becomes available. The waitlist also helps academic departments track demand. If a course has a large number of students on the waitlist, departments may be able to open an additional class section to meet the need.

CSU’s Grad Express Degree Audit makes it easy for students to monitor their academic progress. This online advising tool enables students to work with their academic advisors in planning their schedules, registering for classes and completing their degrees for graduation. Grad Express shows a student’s progress toward meeting the requirements in three of the main components that make up any degree at CSU: university, college and major/minor requirements. It outlines each requirement and shows the courses that a student has taken that meet the requirement. Students with an incomplete requirement can click on a link that will show them a list of courses that can be used to satisfy the requirement.

assertive academic advising
An assertive new approach to academic advising at CSU keeps close watch on the progress of individual students. The University’s Academic Advising Office is dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere and empowering students to develop and to implement sound educational strategies that are consistent with their personal values, goals and career plans – as soon as they arrive at CSU. In recent years, a focus on freshman success – complete with intensive advising, extra support for those in remedial courses and a focus on monitoring attendance – has resulted in higher GPAs, more credits earned and better academic standing for CSU freshmen.

adjusted tuition band

Students are encouraged to complete 30 credit hours each year to stay on track for timely graduation. Averaging 15 hours per semester won't cost students more in tuition, because the new tuition band allows students to take between 12 and 18 hours per semester and pay the same amount.


120 credit-hour standard
To save time and money for students, CSU is in the process of capping most baccalaureate degrees at 120 credit hours, except for programs in which accreditation requires the curriculum to exceed this threshold. The new requirement corresponds with the University’s conversion to a dominant three-credit-hour curriculum. These changes are expected to take effect in Fall 2014.

New Time Block Grids
For Fall 2014, the university has implemented a new time block grid for the scheduling of classes. The new grid is intended to provide a better course schedule that will allow students to register for classes that meet one after another, giving students more of a chance to take classes with shorter wait times between them. This should make it easier for students to create schedules, get needed classes, and therefore graduate sooner.