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A/E Info


For Architects and Engineers who want to do work for CSU on small projects in which the total A/E fees are below $50,000 (including all change orders), an OFCC Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the University Architect each fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.  Please be aware that previous fiscal year's SOQs will be utilized for current fiscal year's work.

The OFCC F110-330 Statement of Qualifications form can be found here.

Please submit your completed SOQ form to:


For faster processing, please omit terms and conditions from proposals/quotes as all of our Purchase Orders include CSU's Terms + Conditions.


Prior to working on any CSU project, please review our STANDARDS.  Be sure to take note of our submittal requirements for each phase regarding drawings, specifications, and finishes.

CAD titleblocks, cover sheets, layers and pen settings can be downloaded from our Sharepoint site.

Some code info regarding CSU's building inventory/ GSF can be found here.

End-of-project requirements are listed on our A/E Closeout Checklist.