Academic Advising Overview

College/Program Advising

The majority of academic advising for students is provided within the academic college of the student's enrollment. This advising structure allows students to become directly connected with their college, with their academic departments, and with the faculty.

Exploratory Advising

We offer specialized advising for students who are undecided about their academic major and provide assistance with exploring different major and career options until students decide upon their major.

Ongoing services provided by all academic advising offices include:

  • Learning and understanding academic requirements, including General Education (GenEd) and college requirements
  • Assistance with course selection and registration
  • Referrals to appropriate University resources as needed
  • Monitoring of academic progress of students and intervention and assistance for students in academic distress
  • Major and career exploration opportunities
  • Petition and graduation application assistance
  • Assistance with the assimilation to University life