Office of Admissions

Degree Completion for Returning Students

Are you interested in completing your Bachelor’s Degree?
The following information is specifically for students with an Associate’s Degree or some college coursework who are looking to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at Cleveland State University.

Which academic programs are particularly suitable for Degree Completion?

How can I get my record evaluated so I can find out what credits I can apply to a CSU degree?

Where, when, and how can I take courses?
In addition to the Main Campus offerings, enjoy the convenience of multiple locations and formats for your courses:

How can I get money to pay for my education?
Learn about financial aid at CSU.

What student services and support does CSU have to help me out while I’m a student?

Where can I learn more about transferring to CSU?

How many of the courses do I have to take at CSU?



Although you can transfer in much of your degree program, there are some requirements for the number of credits you have to take at CSU (called “residency requirements”). Talk to you advisor or find out more online.

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