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Churyl Croone

Photo of Churyl Croone, Coordinator, International Recruitment

Churyl Croone
Coordinator, International Recruitment

As a native Clevelander and 1991 alumna of Cleveland State University, it has been amazing to see the vibrant growth at CSU. I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of our campus and community partnerships, and I am enthusiastic about assisting CSU students as they pursue their personal and professional goals here.

My primary focus involves working with international student populations and those who have been educated abroad.

What’s your favorite spot on the CSU campus and why?
The Student Center Plaza is an exciting place to be on campus. I am a foodie and love the variety of eateries. There is also a vibrant buzz of student activity and engagement. Commuters and residential students can find spaces to connect, study and rejuvenate.

As a student, what did you most appreciate about your CSU experience?
Before general education requirements were the norm, CSU offered Group 4 courses. These were mostly diversity courses in social sciences, humanities, languages and international studies. Most of these classes were taught in Fenn Tower so it was a more personal and intimate setting. I loved being able to study with dedicated students and faculty such as Dr. José Labrador and Dr. Laura Martin. It helped foster my love of studying and working alongside international students.

Why do you think that more and more students are choosing CSU?
When students compare their options for higher education, I believe they see a great fit in CSU based on affordability, the quality and variety of internships and research, as well as the vibrant campus life. I believe students also see dedicated staff and faculty who want them to excel and realize their academic dreams via services such as the All-in-1, success coaches and academic advising.

If you had your own Magnus outfit, where would you wear it?
I would definitely wear it all around town to show my CSU pride. The Vikings’ mascot would be visible from Legacy Village to Crocker Park and all areas in between!

What advice do you have for students who are choosing a college?
Get to know your admission counselor. We are here to assist as you navigate the application process and provide helpful answers. No question is too small. In addition, come visit campus, attend an information session and take a campus tour to truly see what the University can offer you.

What is your favorite CSU tradition?
The new student orientation is a great opportunity for students to get to know their new classmates and new spaces.

What is your favorite CSU fun fact?
Mather Mansion, built in 1910, was part of Millionaires’ Row, a historic area where wealthy Clevelanders like Sam Mather and John D. Rockefeller lived. The mansion cost $1.2 million and was the most expensive homes in Cleveland at the time.