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Treasury Services


Tuition & Fees

Student accounts must be paid in full by Monday BEFORE the first week of class.  An alternative is to enroll in a budget payment plan and make a first payment by Monday BEFORE the first week of class.

Start early – discuss your academic plans with your advisor and talk to a specialist in All-in-1 Enrollment Services if you need help with your financial aid options.

  • Tuition and fees are automatically calculated based on your enrollment status, residency and course selections.  View current tuition and fee schedules.
  • Remember to immediately drop any classes you will not attend.  Students are responsible for payment of all tuition and fees for classes not dropped within the 100 percent refund period.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring courses are properly registered, added or dropped to ensure the correct amount of tuition is assessed.  Adding a class to your schedule after the academic term has completed will significantly increase the cost of that course.
  • The University does not support the concept of swapping one class for another.  Credit for any dropped classes is granted according to our published refund schedule and is based on the date your schedule change is presented to the Registrar’s Office, not the date you inform an instructor. Added classes are assessed full tuition.
  • There is no cost adjustment granted for adding and dropping courses of similar credits.  This includes adding and dropping the same course with different sections.
  • Cleveland State will cancel classes due to non-payment BEFORE the semester begins for all first time, full time freshmen.  All students must pay for all classes for which they have enrolled.  Students who do not attend the classes for which they have registered must officially withdraw within the 100 percent refund period to avoid the assessment of late fees.


Student Billing

To promote sustainability, CSU has eliminated the mailing of paper invoices.  Please utilize your CampusNet account to monitor your student account activity.  For those students enrolled in a payment plan, you will receive reminder notices in your CSU e-mail account informing you of an approaching due date.  Students are expected to read their University e-mail notices daily.

  • CampusNet allows you to register, add or drop classes, verify your account balance, enroll in a payment plan, make a payment and update your address.
  • CampusNet provides the most accurate, up to date balance of your student account.  Check your account balance from the Account tab.  Click on View Account Details for your current amount due.
  • Remember that payment in full is required by MONDAY the week BEFORE the academic semester begins. For students interested in participating in a budget payment plan, the first payment is due by MONDAY the week BEFORE the semester begins.  Once your payment is made, you can join a payment plan through CampusNet.  Click on the Account tab and then the Payment Plan tab.
  • Students who register or add classes late (after the second week of class) must prepay in person at the Cashier’s Office prior to registering or adding those classes.


How to Pay

Online payments can conveniently be made through CampusNet.  You will need your CSU ID number and password to securely log in.  Select the Account tab, click on Make Payment and follow the instructions.

  • Payment can be made with an electronic check.  There is no service fee to pay by electronic check.  A dishonored check fee can be assessed if your information is not keyed in accurately.
  • Payment can be made with a credit card.  VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.  Please note that an additional 2.9% convenience fee is charged to your credit card for these transactions.
  • Mail checks and money orders, payable to Cleveland State University to the Cashier’s Office at:  Cleveland State University, Cashier’s Office – MC 115, 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115.  Please remember to write your CSU ID number on the front of the check.


Important Payment Tips:

  • Do not mail credit card information or cash.  Also, do not use the interoffice Campus Mail service to deliver any check, credit card or cash payment.
  • Payments can be made in person.  Checks, money orders and cash are accepted at the Cashier’s Office.  Credit card payments are NOT accepted at the Cashier’s Office.
  • Checks and money orders can be securely deposited at the Express Payment Center (located just outside the cashier’s area) anytime the Main Classroom (MC) Building is open.
  • Third Party/Employer Payment Vouchers and a signed Third Party Authorization Form must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office at least one week before the term begins.  The Authorization Form must accompany any documents from your company.
  • The University does not accept checks drawn on foreign banks.  Here are Instructions for completing a wire transfer.

Payment Plans

CSU offers a variety of payment plans to help make your education affordable.  Every student whose account isn’t paid in full by Monday the week before school begins should consider joining a budget payment plan.


  • You can enroll in a payment plan online through CampusNet. Make your first payment and then click on the Account tab and then the Payment Plan tab.  There is no application fee to join a payment plan, and as long as your payments are made timely, you’ll avoid late fees.  All your current semester charges are included in the terms of the payment plan.  Any schedule changes you make (adds/ drops) will automatically recalculate across your remaining payments.
  • You must enroll in a budget payment plan every semester you are interested in participating.  Remember, your initial payment must be received in order to be able to electronically enroll in a payment plan.
  • Only current semester charges can be incorporated into a payment plan.  Past due amounts must be paid in full before you are eligible to participate in a payment plan.
  • All students complete the same online application form through CampusNet.
  • An Employer Reimbursement Plan is available for students eligible for tuition reimbursement from their employer.  A 25% payment is due by Monday the week before classes begin along with proof of your employer’s commitment.  We’ll convert your plan automatically for you.  Your final payment is due 21 days after the last day of academic instruction
  • A Veteran’s Payment Plan is available for all of our VA students.  Complete the available online application and once your certification is verified by the Financial Aid Office, we’ll convert your payment plan for you.  Your account must be paid in full by the final due date (November for fall, April for spring, and July for summer).

The Office of Treasury Services webpage offers more information about tuition, fee schedules, refunds, payment plan, due dates and forms, should you still have questions.


Refund Schedule

The University’s official refund schedule provides support and consistency to the University’s academic add/drop policy.  A 100% refund will be granted ONLY through the first week of class for traditional fall and spring semesters courses.

Refunds for dropped or withdrawn classes during week two are prorated at 75%.

Refunds during week three are prorated at 50% and during week four are prorated at 25%.

There are no exceptions to this refund policy.  The refund schedule for individual summer sessions is prorated based on the session length.  Students enrolled in alternatively scheduled classes (ALT) should note that the refund schedule for each ALT class is prorated individually based on the length of the individual course.  It is critical that students finalize their academic schedule during the 100% refund period.

Students can withdraw from their courses online through CampusNet.  Please note that the University’s withdrawal period is much longer than the University’s refund period.  Students who withdraw from a class after the official refund period is concluded are not eligible for a refund.  Failing to attend class will not relieve you of your financial obligation to the University, even if you have not yet paid your full tuition bill.  Withdrawing from a course or courses may reduce your financial aid award and result in a financial obligation to the University.

CSU utilizes the services of a third party provider, Higher One, to issue refunds.  All students receive a Higher One myONEMoney card and should go online to make a refund preference with Higher One.  You may select to receive your refund (if you are due one) in one of three ways:

  1. Direct deposit into your existing checking or savings account.  Funds will be transmitted via ACH to your bank approximately 2-3 days after the amount of the refund has been audited and verified.
  2. Receive a paper check directly from Higher One.  A paper check will be mailed to your address on file on CampusNet approximately 5 days after the amount of the refund has been audited and verified.
  3. Direct deposit into a new checking account established through Higher One.  Funds will be transmitted via ACH approximately 2 days after the amount has been audited and verified.

Students who fail to make a refund preference will, by default, receive a paper check directly from Higher One approximately 10 days after the amount has been audited and verified.