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Academic Success



As a new student, you will meet with a team of academic advisors who will help maximize your college experience. Advisors will help you discover, develop and accomplish your academic, personal and career goals. In addition, your advisor will guide you to a wide variety of academic support resources that enhance your college experience and lead you to graduation.

Ongoing services provided by all academic advising offices include:

  • Assistance with making a smooth adjustment and transition to University life
  • Learning and understanding academic requirements, including general education, college and major requirements
  • Assistance with course selection and registration
  • Referrals to appropriate University resources as needed
  • Monitoring of student academic progress, and timely intervention and assistance to students in academic distress
  • Major and career exploration opportunities
  • Assisting in learning and following University policies and procedures



CSU offers students a comprehensive network of academic advising support that is designed to enhance student success that leads to graduation.  Each college and the School of Nursing offers advising services and academic support for students enrolled in that college or school.  The University also offers academic advising for students who are in various programs, including the Athletics, Honors and University Scholars, and TRIO/Student Support Services programs.  In addition, the University also provides enhanced advising and academic support for first year freshman students.

Freshman Students

The majority of first-time, first-year freshman students who enter CSU are advised in the First Year Advising Office by Student Success Specialists, with the exception of students who are Athletes, in the Honors/Scholars Program, or the TRIO/Student Support Services program.

Throughout the critical first year, Student Success Specialists work closely with students to help ensure academic progress and success.  The Success Specialists stay connected to students through different means of on-going contact, interaction, intervention and support.  This contact and interaction includes phone calls, e-mail, and texting, as well as in-person, one-on-one advising appointments.  In addition, the Student Success Specialists closely monitor the progress of students through midterm grades and feedback from professors and instructors regarding the progress of students in their courses.

Following the completion of the first year, students make the transition to the appropriate college advising office based upon their college of enrollment and intended major or program.  In the college advising offices, students continue to receive academic advising support provided by professional staff college and faculty/department advisors, up to and including the graduation process. 

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to CSU meet directly with an academic advisor in the advising office that is connected with their college and intended major or program.  The academic advisors in the college advising offices provide a host of ongoing support to transfer students, including assistance in the evaluation and assessment of transfer credit, the application of transfer credits towards CSU requirements, and in mapping out and planning each student’s program of study that will lead to degree completion.  In addition, the college advisors help students connect with the appropriate faculty and/or department advisor, as appropriate, for assistance in mapping and planning the student’s major course work.


The following is a comprehensive listing of the various academic advising offices at CSU.  If you are unsure of where to go to receive academic advising, please contact the Undergraduate Studies Office at 216-687-9376.

Athletic Advising Office
Physical Education Building (PE)
Rooms 303 & 305
Click here to access website

Monte Ahuja College of Business
Business Building (BU), Room 219
Click here to access website

College of Education and Human Services
Julka Hall (JH), Room 170
Click here to access website

Exploratory Advising Office
(Undecided Students)
Main Classroom (MC), Room 110
Click here to access website

Fenn College of Engineering
Stilwell Hall (SH), Room 104
Click here to access website

First Year Advising Office
Main Classroom (MC), Room 110
Click here to access website

Honors/Scholars Program Advising
Main Classroom (MC), Room 412
Click here to access website

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Chester Building (CB), Room 279
Click here to access website

College of Sciences & Health Professions
Main Classroom (MC), Room 218B
Click here to access website

School of Nursing
Julka Hall (JH), Room 238
Click here to access website

Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
Urban Building (UB), Room 205
Click here to access website

TRIO/Student Support Services Advising
Main Classroom (MC), Room 110
Click here to access website


Transfer credit evaluations are completed after all final transcripts are received and students are formally admitted. As a transfer student, you should receive your official Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) within two weeks of your admission to CSU. All incoming transfer students will meet with their academic advisor at Orientation. 


Grad Express Degree Audit is an advising tool that can be accessed through CampusNet. This tool can help you work with your academic advisor in planning your schedule, registering for classes, staying on track and completing your degree requirements for graduation.

Through Degree Audit, you can easily access summaries of requirements already completed and requirements still needed to graduate. It shows your progress towards meeting the requirements in three of the main components that make up any degree at CSU: university, college and major requirements.  It also outlines each requirement and shows the courses that you have taken up to that point that meet the requirement. If you have an incomplete requirement you can click on a link that will show you a list of courses you can take that will satisfy the requirement.

Click here to view a FAQ about Degree Audit, access a student manual and find out more about how this tool can help you succeed at CSU.

Tutoring & Academic Success Center

Providing student support is an important part of CSU’s commitment to student success and engaged learning.  CSU offers tutoring and other student support through the Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC).  TASC offers student support in a variety of ways, including one-on-one tutoring by appointment in over 20 subject areas.  TASC also offers eTutoring in various subject areas.  In addition, TASC offers students course-specific support through Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Structured Learning Assistance (SLA), as well as success coaching sessions. TASC is located in Main Classroom (MC) Room 233.  You can contact TASC by phone at 216-687-2012, or by email at