Undergraduate Studies


The Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies reports to the Provost and works closely with the other vice provosts and dean's offices as well as directly with faculty and staff.

Offices within Undergraduate Studies are:

Undergraduate Studies Advising: Undergraduate Studies advising includes the Exploratory Advising Office, which offers academic advising and support for students undecided about their academic major or program, the Athletic Advising Office for all CSU student athletes, and the TRIO Student Support Services Program, which provides academic advising and support for first-generation college students.

Curricular Affairs: This program helps coordinate the state-wide initiatives that allow students to transfer many courses from one Ohio institution to another.

General Education: This office coordinates the courses that provide a foundation of knowledge and skills that are important for all CSU graduates.

Honors Program: This program provides highly-motivated, academically talented students with a challenging academic program along with the opportunity for renewable scholarships and other academic privileges.