Undergraduate Studies


The Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Programs reports to the Provost and works closely with the other vice provosts and dean's offices as well as directly with faculty and staff.


Peter Meiksins
Vice Provost, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies

(Alphabetical Order)

George Bovell
Director, TRIO

David Bowditch
Director, University Advising
(216) 687-9374

Carolyn Gilbert
Director, Partnerships and CE Administration
(216) 875-9699

Joanne Goodell
Director, Center for Faculty Excellence
(216) 687-5509

Heike Heinrich
Director, Student Success Programs
(216) 687-2051

Chrissy Knapke
Director, Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC)
(216) 523-7366

Mary McDonald
Director, Writing Center
(216) 687-6982

Haliru Omosun
Institutional Research Analyst, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies

Sarah Pankratz
Manager, First Year Experience
(216) 687-3734

Nancy Rapp
Fiscal & Administrative Officer, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies
(216) 875-9732

Jacob Roope
Academic Systems Coordinator, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies
(216) 687-5391

Adam Sikula
Manager, Transfer Center
(216) 875-9741


(Alphabetical Order)

Center for Faculty Excellence
The Center for Faculty Excellence fosters faculty excellence through innovative teaching and leadership to create engaged student success. Using workshops, video presentations and individualized services we work with faculty to develop their talent and advance their outcomes, processes and engagement with CSU students, their careers and the University. 

Curricular Affairs
This program helps coordinate the state-wide initiatives that allow students to transfer many courses from one Ohio institution to another.

First Year Advising and Exploratory Advising 
These offices offers academic advising and support for students undecided about their academic major or program.

General Education
This office coordinates the courses that provide a foundation of knowledge and skills that are important for all CSU graduates.

Partnerships and CE Administration
 Provides students the opportunity to achieve an Associate's degree and Bachelor's degree all on partners college campus.

Transfer Center
This office provides prospective transfer students with resources to promote a smooth transition to CSU.

This office provides academic advising and support for first-generation college students.

Tutoring & Academic Success Center (TASC)
TASC offers Free academic support for all undergraduate students at CSU.

Writing Center
The CSU Writing Center and WAC Program have two goals: hospitality and independence. We strive to create a warm environment because we believe that writing requires many decisions that are best made in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Below is a list of services and resources for Students and Faculty/Staff.