Undergraduate Studies

Starfish Guides for Students

Welcome to Starfish at CSU! This web site exists to provide information and assistance for CSU students, staff, and faculty using Starfish. For students, this is the page. For staff and faculty, please Click Here – you will need your CSU ID and CampusNet password to log into the staff & faculty area.

what is starfish?

Starfish is an online program that makes it easier for undergraduate students to communicate and make appointments with support services and faculty on campus.

Login to :

  • Find your assigned advisor
  • Look for communication from your support network about your academic progress
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor or tutor
  • Schedule a tutorial with the Writing Center
  • Schedule Supplemental Instruction (for certain courses)
  • Course Conferences (with participating faculty)
where do i find starfish?

Log in to CSU's CampusNet, choose the "Student" tab, and look in the toolbar at the top for a blue star next to the word "Starfish." That's a direct link to CSU's Starfish. It looks like this:

what do i do once i get there?
where can i get help with starfish if i have questions?