Undergraduate Studies

Starfish Guides for Faculty and Staff

what is starfish?

Starfish is computer software that CSU uses to aid undergraduate student retention efforts. It allows for:

  • Early Academic Alerts (e.g. attendance, academic performance)
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Campus wide coordination of student support through student tracking and communication
  • Attendance recording (mandatory for instructors of courses with first year freshman)

All faculty are encouraged to keep track of office hours and student appointments, record and view notes on their students' academic progress, and view their students' support network.

how to log into starfish

There are two access portals to Starfish:

  1. CampusNet (click on instructor tab, then the "Starfish" link next to the blue star)


  1. Blackboard (My Institution, Tools menu, Starfish link)

user documentation



Where can I get help with Starfish?