Undergraduate Studies

Pre-University Programs For Students

Why take college courses as a high school student?

What courses are students permitted to take?

Why CSU’s Program is student and schedule friendly?

  • Students are able to apply AP credits to prerequisites and take advanced courses
  • The wide variety of courses and times that CSU courses are offered enable students to take courses in the morning, the afternoon, or three days a week.
  • Students are able to schedule for classes after they attend orientation

What services does CSU provide its Viking Bridge students?

  • Personalized academic advising
  • Free tutoring
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Free use of the Recreation Center (full-time students)
  • Dining services

Limitations to the activities/services students are provided

Application Requirements and Application

Steps in the process of taking a CSU course

Examples of students’ schedules (pseudonyms, but real schedules, based on different needs and interests)

  • Students taking courses at CSU while they are still enrolled in high school are NOT able to:
    • live in the residence halls
    • work on campus
    • participate in NCAA sponsored sports
    • sign up for financial aid
    • participate in university sponsored extracurricular clubs, e.g. SGA or CAB.
  • Application requirements
  • CSU school codes to have students’ test scores automatically submitted to CSU (Recommended for all students planning to apply for PUP or as an undergraduate):
    • ACT/PLAN:  3270
    • SAT/PSAT:  1221
  • CCP process quicksteps

    1.  Submit ALL 3 parts of the application
    2.  Receive acceptance/denial letter
    3.  Attend orientation
    4.  Take placement examinations (if necessary)
    5.  Complete schedule with advisor
    6.  Get ID (and U-Pass if interested)
    7.  Gather books (one week before classes)
    8.  Attend class & STUDY
    9.  Return books
    10.  Check grades on Campusnet:  www.csuohio.edu

Non-public high school deadlines and regulations for CCP

  1. Students must complete (with all signatures) the Ohio Department of education Office of Finance Program Services Application for Nonpublic Student Participation in Post-Secondary Enrollment Option “B” Program form that the state sends to the high school every year
  2. Students/high schools must postmark materials to the State of Ohio between April 1st.