Undergraduate Studies

Counselors/School Administrators - Pre-University Programs

What is The Viking Bridge to College Program?  (link to student tab)

CSU school codes to have test scores automatically submitted (Recommended for all students planning to apply for PUP or as an undergraduate)

  • ACT/PLAN:  3270
  • SAT/PSAT:  1221

What services PUP is prepared and committed to provide to high school counselors?

  • Phone calls and e-mails returned within two business days
  • Student schedules completed before the end of the school year if the student’s application is completely handed in (and the student is accepted to CSU) before May 1st.   (Students must attend orientation to schedule for classes.)
  • Schedules mailed to counselors one week prior to the start of school
  • Transcripts mailed to counselors three weeks after the last day of finals

What does CSU offer in terms of the ability to complete graduation requirements?

How does CSU handle students’ AP credits?

What does CSU expect from high school counselors in terms of application information and transcripts?

Can a CSU representative come and speak at your PSEOP information session?

  • CSU Representative contact information
  • CSU visits the high schools in Brooklyn, Cleveland Heights, Richmond Heights, Westlake, and others

How can a CSU course be taught at your high school?

  • Why have a CSU course taught at your high school?
  • Instructor qualifications
    • The instructor holds a Master’s degree in the subject area
    • In some cases, a Master’s degree in education will suffice
    • CSU departments determine the qualifications necessary to teach a course from that department
    • The instructor must complete the CSU hiring process for part-time instructors
      • The PSEOP Coordinator and department of the course will guide the instructor through the process
    • What is the process for a course to be offered on the high school campus?
    • How do your students apply?
      • They apply the same way as if they were taking the course on campus. 
    • How does the high school instructor or the school get paid for the course
      • The high school instructor is paid if the course is outside of her/his regular teaching schedule during the school day
      • The school will be paid if the course is part of the teacher’s school day