Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs

Five-Year Bachelor's + Master's Programs

Five-Year Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Administration + Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership (B.A.; M.N.A.L.)

Degrees granted: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership

Advising: designated college adviser for Phases I and II, phone: 216-687-3884; for Phase III, phone: 216-523-7522

Student organizations: Urban Studies Association

Additional Information:

The five-year B.A.+ M.N.A.L. is a fast-track program designed for high-performing undergraduates in the Nonprofit Administration program. By accelerating the completion of two degrees, students can jumpstart their careers as professionals in the nonprofit sector.

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Admission Requirements

Students submit an application for admission to the BA+MA program through the Urban Studies advising office.  A complete application is comprised of the 4+1 application form, official Graduate Record Exam scores, and two letters of recommendation from faculty.

Minimum qualifications: 90 hours earned, grade-point average of 3.25 or better, GRE scores at the 40th percentile (verbal and quantitative combined) or higher, and an Analytical Writing score of 4.0 or better, plus completion of core competencies with grades of B or higher in UST 300, UST 302, UST 404, and NAD 451, or their transfer equivalents.

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B.A. Program

Phase I

Upper Division College Requirements (8 credit hours)

Required Courses (28 credit hours)

Restricted Elective (3-4 credit hours)

Choose from:

Phase II Transition

The B.A. in Nonprofit Administration is awarded with 128 credit hours earned and completion of all General Education, college and major-field requirements. The cumulative GPA must be at least 3.0 with B or better in all 500-level courses.

*must earn B or better

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M.N.A.L. Program

Phase III

M.N.A.L. Requirements

Core (11-12 credit hours.)

Electives (minimum 6 credit hours.)

Exit Requirement (4 credit hours.)

The M.N.A.L. degree is awarded upon completion of a minimum of eight graduate courses taken during Phase II (B.A.) and Phase III (M.N.A.L.) for a minimum of 30 credit hours. All Graduate College and M.N.A.L. Program rules regarding academic standing and graduation apply.

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