Students interested in a career or graduate school that requires a research component involving data analysis should consider earning a Statistics minor.  The study of mathematics, psychology, sociology, biology, environmental science, health science, social science, among others, can be greatly enhanced by a minor in statistics.  Note that only MTH 323 can be counted for both the Mathematics major and the minor in statistics.

The Statistics minor consists of at least 19 credits of coursework including one of the following courses,

       MTH 147 Statistical Concepts with Applications
        MTH 323 Statistical Methods
        ECN 322 Statistics and Econometrics
        COM 303 Communication Inquiry
        PSY 311 Behavioral Science Statistics
        SOC 354 Quantitative Sociological Research
        SWK 305 Perspectives on Social Work Research II
        UST 404 Urban Data Analysis
        OSM 201 Business Statistics
        PSC 251 Introduction to Data Analysis
        or any other introductory statistics course approved by the Department of Mathematics;

and four courses consisting of:

  • MTH 347  Applied Statistics
  • MTH 421  Time Series Analysis
  • MTH 431  Categorical Data Analysis
  • MTH 435  Statistical Consulting and Programming
  • or a statistics course approved by the Department of Mathematics