University Regulations

General Education Requirements


2 courses
Minimum 6 credits (credit hours in parentheses after each course)
Must be completed in first year or prior to completion of the first 30 hours of coursework. Courses used to fulfill this requirement must be passed with C grades or better.

  • ENG 100 Intensive College Writing or ENG 101 College Writing I
  • ENG 102 College Writing II
    or one of these equivalent courses:
    • ENG 102H Honors College Writing II
    • ESC 102 Technical Writing & Professional Communication Effective Spring 2009
    • MCE 102 Technical Writing & Professional Communication Effective Fall 2008 through Summer 2014
    • MUS 113 Writing about Music
    • UST 102 Professional Writing
    or one of these alternate courses (student must earn an "A" in ENG 100 or ENG 101 to use an alternate course)
    • ENG 240 Introduction to Poetry
    • ENG 240H Honors Introduction to Poetry
    • ENG 241 Introduction to Fiction and Drama
    • ENG 242 Introduction to Drama Effective Fall 2014

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