Treasury Services

Direct Deposit

It's your refund ~ it's your choice.

Cleveland State takes sustainability very seriously. We've contracted with a third party agent, Higher One to eliminate the need for a paper check! Beginning in April 2012 Higher One has been offering students the option of receiving their refund via direct deposit.

As soon as transaction activity occurs on your student account, you will receive a myONEMoney card from Higher One. It’ll arrive in a green envelope that looks like this.



Inside you’ll find your myONEMoney card. THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD. This card will be your key to establishing your direct deposit preference. As soon as you receive your card, PLEASE ACTIVATE IT. Log on to You'll be asked to authenticate yourself with Higher One - you'll need your myONEMoneycard to do this.


Here's a brief summary of your choices:

  1. Enroll in direct deposit and have your refund delivered via ACH to your personal checking or savings account. You'll enter your banking information on Higher One's secure web site. You'll be asked to print a verification page with your information, sign it and fax it back to Higher One. Your refund will be sent via direct deposit within 2 - 3 days of our office auditing your account and validating the amount of your credit. After selecting this option, your myONEMoney card can be set aside in a safe place. You won't need it again unless you choose to change your refund preference.
  2. Establish a brand new checking account with Higher One. In this case, your myONEMoney card will act as your ATM debit card. Higher One will create a new checking account for you. Your refund will be sent via direct deposit with 2 - 3 days of our office auditing your account and validating the amount of your credit. Please note that Higher One is not a traditional bank - there is no physical bank location - all activity is conducted on line.
  3. Do nothing. Although this seems like the simplest answer, if you fail to select a refund preference, you will by default receive a paper check. This paper check will be sent to you 14 days after your refund has been audited and validated to Higher One. If at any time during this 14 day window, you select a refund preference, your refund will be processed according to your selected choice immediately and you can expect your refund within the documented times above.


  • The myONEMoney card is NOT a credit card
  • Participation is not optional
  • The myONEMoney card is your key for choosing a refund preference
Frequently Asked Questions

How are CSU refunds delivered to students?

  • Refunds are delivered via the option selected when you activate your myONEMoney card. To receive your refund, you must authenticate your card. During this process, you will choose how to receive your refund money. If you want faster access to your funds, simply select to have your refunds deposited via ACH electronically into a checking or savings account. Authenticate your myONEMoney card and make your refund selection online at
  • Once your refund preference is selected, funds are sent from Cleveland State to Higher One twice each week, on Wednesday and Friday, after your student account balance has been audited.

How do I get my myONEMoney card?

  • Cleveland State University students will receive a myONEMoney card from Higher One in the mail at their primary address on file on CampusNet. You'll receive your card as soon as you have transaction data on your student account in CampusNet. If you are a new student, you will receive your card in the mail about 5-7 days after your tuition charges post to your student account. If you have not received your card within this time frame, please contact the Cashier's Office (216-687-5249) to request a replacement.

What do I do when I get my card in the mail?

  • You need to activate your card as soon as you receive it. Log on to and follow the simple instruction to authenticate yourself and make a refund selection.

What are my options for receiving financial aid or other refunds?

Your options include having your refund:

  • Directly deposited into a checking or savings account at the bank of your choice
  • Directly deposited into a new Higher One checking account

Can I have my refund deposited to my personal bank account?

  • Absolutely. We know it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your banking partner. If you already have an established checking or savings account, this should be your refund choice. In order to have your refund deposited to your personal bank account, you must first activate your refund preference. During the authentication process, select ACH Transfer to Other Bank for your refund preference and simply complete, print, and send the required third party form to the designated address. The form will be available online during the activation process. This is a one-time set up but can be changed at any time.

If I choose to receive my student refund by direct deposit to my current bank account, why do I have to mail the direct deposit form to Higher One?

  • Your direct deposit form communicates in writing your authorization to Higher One to deposit funds into your personal bank account. An original signature is requested as an added security precaution for refund delivery under Higher One policy.
  • The form should be mailed to
    Higher One Inc.
    105 Munson Street
    New Haven, CT 06511
  • The form can also be faxed to Higher One at 866-754-6216. A fax machine is available for this purpose at the Student Print Shop, SC 129.

How will I know when my financial aid or other refund has been deposited to my account?

  • Your student account on CampusNet will display "Higher 1 ACH 877-327-9515"
  • Additionally, Higher One will send an email to the address you entered during activation when your refund has been deposited to your account.
  • If you've selected to receive your refund electronically, you may be able to request that mobile alerts be sent to you via text message from your bank account.

Can I select a paper check instead?

  • No.  A paper check is issued only to students who have made no refund selection.   Paper checks are issued 14 days after the University releases the funds to Higher One.

Are there Higher One ATM's located on campus?

  • No. The ATMs on campus are operated by Huntington National Bank and you will be assessed a fee to utilize these if you are not a Huntington Bank customer.
  • A dedicated Higher One ATM is located at Rascal House Pizza, on the street level of the Union Building (1836 Euclid Avenue). Additionally, the ATM available at the Ohio Educational Credit Union (only the OHECU directly across from the Music & Communications Building) can be used surcharge free by students with a Higher One account for ATM withdrawals.

I’ve opted for a Higher One account. Why is the MasterCard brand logo on my card? I don't want a credit card.

  • Your myONEMoney card is used to authenticate you with Higher One. If you choose to establish a Higher One checking account, your myONEMoney card also acts as your ATM debit card. THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD.

Is this my Student ID Card?

  • No. You have an official CSU Viking Card with your picture on it, provided by the University.

Why do I have to authenticate the card that was mailed to me?

  • The card that was mailed to you is the key to get into the Higher One system and allows you to make your choice as to how you want to receive your student refunds. Information is contained in Higher One’s system to authenticate you as a Cleveland State student. Once you use the card to enter into the system, you can make your choice of how you want your refunds received.

I don't think I will ever get a refund. Why is it important to select a refund preference?

  • Although you might not currently expect a refund from Cleveland State, we may have a refund for you in the future. After all, it may be necessary to withdraw from a class, a class may be cancelled, or you may simply receive a scholarship or assistance you were not anticipating. Selecting your preferred refund method ensures you'll always receive your refunds in a timely manner.

What if I already selected a refund preference? Can I change it?

  • Sure! You can change your refund preference anytime by logging into the portal. From the main menu bar, select "Financial Refunds" then "Refund Preferences." Make your selection and click the "Update Preferences" button.

I don't have a banking relationship with anyone in the Cleveland area. I'm thinking about opening a Higher One checking account. What can you tell me?

  • Your new OneAccount will be a fully functioning FDIC-insured checking account. There's no minimum balance and no monthly fees.
  • You'll have the ability to use your debit MasterCard to make purchases anywhere a debit MasterCard is accepted, including the Cleveland State University bookstore.
  • You'll have access to cash withdrawals with no fees at the Higher One ATM located inside the Rascal House or the ATM at the OHE Credit Union.
  • You can set up automated alert messages to let you know when a refund has been deposited to your account or when your balance is reaching a low threshold limit.
  • You will be subject to other standard fees that are common with most consumer banking accounts, such as withdrawal fees from non-affiliated ATMs.

Who is Higher One? And why did Cleveland State decide to partner with them?

  • Higher One is a financial services company focused solely on higher education. Providing electronic refunds to students is their primary line of business. They won't offer you a credit card and they won't sell your personal information to any third party. You can keep your account with Higher One even after you leave the University. They won’t offer to sell you a mortgage or investment vehicle – they don’t even offer those services.

I’ve recently read about Higher One having really large fees. Is this true?

  • The detail behind Higher One’s fee schedule is available on their web site at Most financial services companies or banks will assess fees for various transaction activities. Higher One is no different. Although there’s no cost to a student to open an account and no cost to receive your refund deposited directly into the account, other fees may be assessed, depending on how you use your account. For instance:
    • If you open a Higher One checking account and request a STOP PAYMENT on a check you’ve written, there is a $24 fee.
    • If you deposit a check into your account and that check doesn’t clear the originating bank, a $7.00 RETURN DEPOSIT ITEM fee is assessed.
    • If you use your ATM card to make a purchase and you select “debit” and enter your PIN number, you’ll be charged a $0.50 fee per transaction. These are easy to avoid – select “credit” and sign for your purchase – no fee!
    • If you make a transaction at a non-Higher One ATM (this includes all withdrawals, inquiries, declines), you’ll be charged a $2.50 ATM transaction fee from Higher One (the bank that owns the ATM may assess a fee also.)
    • If your account remains inactive for 6 months with no transaction activity at all, a $10.00 ABANDONED ACCOUNT FEE will be assessed.
  • If you are concerned about the fees, please review them in detail at their web site and consider using your own, existing account for your direct deposit option. Remember, it’s your refund, it’s your choice.

What happens if I don't select a refund preference?

  • Without a refund preference selected, you will by default, receive a paper check from Higher One. This paper check will be mailed to the current address on file on CampusNet approximately 14 days after Cleveland State has authorized a refund for you.
  • Regardless of whether or not you anticipate receiving a refund from Cleveland State, it is important to activate your refund preference as soon as you receive your card.

What if I never receive my myONEMoney card?

  • It takes about 4-7 days to receive your card in the mail.
  • You can log on to and use the "Where's My Card" self help feature for a real time status update on your card.
  • If you think you may have received your card and accidentally misplaced it or thrown it away, please contact the Cashier’s Office (216-687-5249) to request a replacement card.

Who do I contact if I lose my card?

  • Once your myONEMoney card has been activated, for your own security, as soon as you realize that you do not have physical control of your card, it is essential that you report the card lost. This may be done several ways. You may go online to or call Higher One Customer Service at 877-327-9515. This allows Higher One to cancel your card and prevent fraud, theft, and abuse. At the same time, a replacement card will be issued to you.
  • Please note that your first replacement card is free. Subsequent replacement cards will be issued to you at a cost of $20 per card. So don't lose your card!

What if I have additional questions?

  • Answers to additional questions along with an activation demo can be found by visiting Additionally, Higher One offers easy answers to your questions with Easy Help - a self-service database containing answers to frequently asked questions. The Higher One student help desk is also available and can be reached at 1-877-327-9515.

I activated my EasyRefund card. Is it still OK to use?

  • During our initial roll out with Higher One, many students were issued an EasyRefund card. Higher One has since re-branded the card. Although your EasyRefund card continues to work exactly as you expect it should, you may want to order a replacement card.  The web site no longer re-navigates to Higher One’s site.